THIS IS WHERE THE APOCALYPSE gets real! Toxins, poisonous substances, neurotoxins in everyday products other than cosmetics: information, research, how to avoid.
We talk about industry causing both environmental destruction and social injustice; we discuss environmental pollution and eco-toxins facts and research.

Because your green lifestyle doesn’t happen in a social or environmental vacuum.
Because your green lifestyle doesn’t stop at your house door.

Tech Topics of Tomorrow | IFA 2016

As a geeky conscious consumer with a soft spot for scifi, after bringing you a glimpse on sustainability in electronics, today I look at key tech topics relevant for the future.

Sustainability and the Electronics Industry | IFA 2016

Electronics: the industry where sustainability doesn’t come easy. Let me introduce you to five ethical brands – offering clever products for our everyday needs – that make a difference today.

Skincare & Clothes That Threaten Our Food Supply | Critical Consumer Quest #7

Microplastic-polluted fish (or honey, or beer, or mineral water) on your table is not going to vanish soon. Here’s why and what you must do about it.

After the Earth Week, After Fashion Revolution Day

I’m not much of a campaign type. In today’s post I’m thinking about whether and how campaigns can help establish healthy/ ethical habits.

Boycott Palm Oil! (Or Not?) 7 Questions, 7 Answers * Ask BEAUTYCALYPSE #10

Adventurers, does “palm oil” ring a bell with you? – Tell me in the comments, and please tell me what you think about this (long overdue) palm oil Q&A.

Are You Kidding Me? 6 Excuses For Not Going Green + 6 Fab Antidots

Plain daily grind vs. hazy eco heaven future? More than a few people choose to stick with the former and find excuses to not deal with the latter. 

Cleaning… Cleaner? A Checklist For A Healthy Home

Spring cleaning time – greener time! Always looking for eco-friendly products and methods for „greener“ cleaning, I want all the effects and no toxic side-effects.

Op-Ed: 3 Things I Hate About My Green Lifestyle

No, it’s not kale in my smoothies – this, I can handle. Welcome to a different take on my Quest for Ethical Excellence reports: things that are just too damn frustrating.

A Breath Of Fresh… Death

Fine and ultrafine particles – Nothing can actually protect you from the invisible danger that kills millions every year. To say it with Ron Weasley: Can we panic now?

Our Synthetic Future

A fascinating new report reveals which river on Earth is the *most* polluted with microplastics (hint: it’s in Europe) – and advocates stricter legal regulations.