THIS IS WHERE THE APOCALYPSE gets real! Toxins, poisonous substances, neurotoxins in everyday products other than cosmetics: information, research, how to avoid.
We talk about industry causing both environmental destruction and social injustice; we discuss environmental pollution and eco-toxins facts and research.

Because your green lifestyle doesn’t happen in a social or environmental vacuum.
Because your green lifestyle doesn’t stop at your house door.

To Save The World

I often roll with Fyodor D. in my firm belief that beauty can, indeed, save the world. So what can you, yes you, beautiful soul, do to help with the current environmental crisis? And what do your lipstick and your lunch got to do with it?

Ecuador’s Chakra Gardens: Holy Grounds Of Biodiverse Agroforestry & Farmer Owned Value Chains [Interview With Europe’s First Guayusa Distributor Raquel Cayapa]

June is here. But rather than with a beauty topic as usual, let’s welcome summer today with this truly interesting (and highly zeitgeist-accurate) read. We’re exploring Chakra gardens, the traditional biodiverse and spiritual farming method from the Ecuadorian rainforest.

“To Me, Beauty Is An Overarching Cardinal Virtue” — Interview With Nath Fedorova, Beautycalypse

Deutsch alert ⭐️ My video interview with Amazingy is up in which I explain why I think “beauty will save the world” and answer The Number One Most Frequently Asked Question I get from overwhelmed green lifestyle enthusiasts. German with English subtitles. Watch now!

Pantone Color Of The Year 2019: Of ‘Living Coral’ Fantasies vs. ‘Dying Coral Reef’ Reality

With global carbon emissions climbing and coral reefs dying, Pantone chose “Living Coral” its colour of the year for 2019. Guest author Lara Keuthen argues that it’s a massive opportunity missed.

“It’s All Fake!” – How To Stay Sane On Social Media

"It's All Fake!" - How To Stay Sane On Social Media

Social media, eh? Is anything even real anymore in this fake new world? Let me end all frustration in five minutes’ time, my friend.

Organic Toothpaste + Eco Friendly Toothbrushes In Comparison, [Product Battle #12]

Do 100% recyclable, plastic-free toothbrushes exist? How good are today’s “clean” toothpastes? And: why should you care?

Know Your Gold: Eco-Friendly, Ethical, Recycled

Sustainable gold jewellery. Find out why it matters and what’s what – in this simple yet comprehensive guide.

World Water Day Thoughts: A Washing Bag (+ More Tips) To Reduce Micro Waste

With World Water Day tomorrow, and seeing our water system flooded with micro plastic waste, many of which comes from synthetic clothes, what can you *actually* do to reduce micro fibre pollution?

My Story: Six Years Without Flying

I haven’t boarded a single plane since 2012. While it’s not a bad balance, it’s not even close to being enough. Read now what’s on stake and what YOU can do.