Healthy eating; easy vegan and vegetarian recipes; all recipes are gluten-free and free from added sugar.

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Of Tricks – and Treats

Weekend plans: a brief cameo at a costume party wearing a cool “slow” costume, then a cosy movie night with comfort food. What will your Samhain night look like? 😉

[Recipe Post #27] 🍴 My Gluten-Free October Lunch

Welcome to my brand new recipe series which is going to rock your kitchen! I choose from my “1001 recipes” to create Seasonal Menus consisting of not less than three courses. Ooooh!

Alcohol-Free, Added Sugar Free Cocktails for Spring Parties * My Simple Healthy Recipes #26

Party time with my signature, easy, grown up non-alcoholic drinks – not sugary, but fine & fun enough to be served at a spring / summer wedding, a gallery opening, or a cocktail reception.

Kale & Green Tea. Emerald Goodness: My Fav Smoothie Recipes * My Simple Healthy Recipes #25

Winter’s not my favourite smoothie season. And now, with spring in the air, I feel oh so hungry for my vitamins. Werewolf-and-full-moon-hungry, in fact. Let the blenders roarrrr!

vanilla bean – Finding Vegan, Veggie, Raw, Gluten-Free Menus | On My iPhone #3.2

Food. Hobby, passion, fun, meditation, … and sometimes a chore. Eating out, for example. With all our free-from requirements, picking a restaurant has become tedious business.

Greener Christmas Presents & Gift Wrapping: Less Fuzz = More Fun

Stress-free Christmas math is easy this year: 2 bloggers, 6 foolproof, green & fun DIY projects, 4 gift wrapping inspirations, 6 free-from foodie gift ideas, 1 tiny little ebook for you! 

Booja-Booja: Truffles-Truffles That Are Eco, Vegan, Fair and Highly Giftable * BCBtW #7

Gorgeous truffles that you need right now. Because November. Because vegan month, too. Because Christmas round the corner. Because free from. Because – healthy raw chocolate!

Quick Dessert: Vegan Florentines * My Simple Healthy Recipes #24

Based on almonds – which are rich in antioxidants & minerals and can help regulate our sugar metabolism – this simple, vegan-friendly dessert is a breeze. (And a sweet hostess gift!)

What About Cold Brew Coffee Health Benefits & Better Taste? * My Simple Healthy Recipes #23

Drink coffee cold and never look old? – Let’s have a look at the Cold Brew Coffee trend and see if it’s easy to make and healthier than normal, or hot brew coffee.

Vegan & Gluten-Free Autumnal Brunch

Simple and quick, delicious and seasonal – let’s give you some ideas for an unpretentous yet delicious autumnal brunch menu!