Healthy eating; easy vegan and vegetarian recipes; all recipes are gluten-free and free from added sugar.

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Apple-Loaded Gin Tonic With Thyme — Entertain In Style This Halloween!

A super easy, super tasty cocktail recipe for your Halloween bash — and an entertaining (brief) chat to remind you of the best of collection of BEAUTYCALYPSE Green Halloween posts with costume and makeup ideas, treats, and much more. Booooo!

The Healthy Delights: Happiness-Inducing Summer Drinks (Easy To Make!) & Food Notes

Summer heat is on — but can be a mot more endurable with these easy to make recipes to make delicious, invigorating summer beverages free from sugar and alcohol (and one with both ingredients for when it’s more important to party than to “wellness”) + food notes from Berlin and elsewhere.

Ecuador’s Chakra Gardens: Holy Grounds Of Biodiverse Agroforestry & Farmer Owned Value Chains [Interview With Europe’s First Guayusa Distributor Raquel Cayapa]

June is here. But rather than with a beauty topic as usual, let’s welcome summer today with this truly interesting (and highly zeitgeist-accurate) read. We’re exploring Chakra gardens, the traditional biodiverse and spiritual farming method from the Ecuadorian rainforest.

“To Me, Beauty Is An Overarching Cardinal Virtue” — Interview With Nath Fedorova, Beautycalypse

Deutsch alert ⭐️ My video interview with Amazingy is up in which I explain why I think “beauty will save the world” and answer The Number One Most Frequently Asked Question I get from overwhelmed green lifestyle enthusiasts. German with English subtitles. Watch now!

Things To Do In Berlin #10: Take Sustainable Cooking Classes

There’s a new, sustainable furniture and foodie place in town — and Nath finally got to book a fantastic Zen Cuisine cooking class she was chasing for years. A review.

Let’s Get Cosy & Keep Healthy! Home, Food + Kitchen News

Cosy, healthy, and sustainable — a selection of news for your eco chic home from ultra cool to cuddly warm.

Food + Tableware News: Healthy, Stylish Summer Brunch

There’s something special about summer garden parties and brunch receptions. Here are some novelties sure to make your summer brunch all the more exciting!

The Actual Coffee Cup – Kaffeeform| BCBTW #20

INTERVIEW + INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY: Meet Kaffeeform, the coffee cup made of coffee grounds, and enter the raffle for the chance to win a cappuccino set (coffee & saucer). “Coffee-circular” economy we like!

Supplementing Correctly + My Current Natural Favourites

This Easter, I’m going to be gifting sunshine, “Hello Sunshine”, to be precise. And while I’m wrapping presents, I invite you to read this quick round of supplement FAQs. Happy Easter!

Gluten-Free Matcha Cookies [Beautycalypse Food Blog]

Deliciously chewy and rich cookies for those who don’t eat many sweets, for those who do, for all matchamaniacs for sure! And a fun, colourful addition to the Easter table as well.