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2019 Natural Cosmetics Conference: Key Insights

Be authentic, be innovative, be sustainable… Powerful insights into the challenges and chances of the organic beauty industry from this year’s Natural Cosmetics Conference in Berlin.

⭐️ The Art Of Perfume Meets Energy Healing: Interview with Pauline Rochas

As a fine fragrance lover, finding perfume creators that go the green(er) route is a treat for me. Not all are as uncompromising as AER or as rooted in wellness as Farfalla. Discover more in our interview with Pauline Rochas (yes, *that* Rochas) as we discuss the rebranding of her The 7 Collection, dedicated to the power of the seven chakras.

Ecuador’s Chakra Gardens: Holy Grounds Of Biodiverse Agroforestry & Farmer Owned Value Chains [Interview With Europe’s First Guayusa Distributor Raquel Cayapa]

June is here. But rather than with a beauty topic as usual, let’s welcome summer today with this truly interesting (and highly zeitgeist-accurate) read. We’re exploring Chakra gardens, the traditional biodiverse and spiritual farming method from the Ecuadorian rainforest.

“To Me, Beauty Is An Overarching Cardinal Virtue” — Interview With Nath Fedorova, Beautycalypse

Deutsch alert ⭐️ My video interview with Amazingy is up in which I explain why I think “beauty will save the world” and answer The Number One Most Frequently Asked Question I get from overwhelmed green lifestyle enthusiasts. German with English subtitles. Watch now!

“Next Level Sustainability” — Wolford’s Director Product Development About The Brand’s Cradle To Cradle Endeavour

Wolford’s Cradle To Cradle Gold certifications have sparked new discussions in the sustainable fashion scene. Read now why it’s simply not enough to use recycled fishnet or natural fibres to be truly environmentally savvy.

IBE Berlin Highlights: This Female-Owned Beauty Brand’s Product Range Is Inspired By Customer Feedback

And we’re staying in Berlin for the last in our IBE Berlin highlights series — and if you’ve been around here for a while, you know you’ll see more goodness and more in depth reviews in the months to come.

IBE Berlin Highlights: This Award-Winning Organic DIY Skincare Brand Launches Baby Products

A new day, a new instalment of our series dedicated to the IBE Berlin gems. Today’s brand takes beauty DIY to the next level, providing top quality organic ingredients and precise recipes in highly giftable sets. Making your own luscious home spa products has… Continue Reading “IBE Berlin Highlights: This Award-Winning Organic DIY Skincare Brand Launches Baby Products”

IBE Berlin Highlights: This Cult Hair Care Brand Launches A “Shamanic” Perfume Oil

Welcome to part FIVE in our series dedicated to the finest gems spotted at the IBE Berlin. Let’s have a look at a perfume oil that’s absolutely intoxicating — in the best way possible — created by a brand we’ve come to love for their… Continue Reading “IBE Berlin Highlights: This Cult Hair Care Brand Launches A “Shamanic” Perfume Oil”

IBE Berlin Highlights: This Brand Has A Mission — To Create The World’s Cleanest Nail Polish

Welcome to part FOUR of our IBE Berlin finest finds! We’re playing at home today — with a Berlin-based company on the mission to completely reinvent nail polish and to create a 100% sustainable and ethical formula.

IBE Berlin Highlights: This Gorgeous Make-Up Is Not “Just” Clean, It’s Made With Palm Done Right

Welcome to part THREE of our IBE Berlin finest finds. Meet a US-based clean make-up brand that’s all about genuine sustainability — and product excellence.