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How To Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever – My 10-Day Game!

This December, explore and test drive the life you envision! (Some preparation needed – be mindful – stay playful).

BEAUTYCALYPSE Guide to Age-Independent Beauty #5

Reconnecting with your body is your best gateway to life-long health, well-being and, yes, happiness.

⭐️How to Sleep Like a Baby (No Matter What) | Healthy Sleep Quest #9

The following article discusses four critical sleep-related threats to your health – and offers simple steps to unwind for a night full of delicious rest.

The Things We Lost to The Social Media | Soul Detox #4

Don’t get me wrong: I *do* see the benefits of social media (one of them being my well-paid day job). But it can be a happier place. How? Hear me out.

Mudras for True Happiness & Connection With Others | Mudras & Mani #6

How to find inner peace and stop feeling disconnected? Here are two powerful, rare mudras for your yoga or meditation practice that help.

100 Green Ideas for a Carefree, Chic Summer

August is the one summer month sweet and rich with colours, tastes, local produce – spiced up with the sudden smell of autumn wind on a sunny morning.

BEAUTYCALYPSE Guide to Age-Independent Beauty #4

Today let’s talk about the single most powerful source of youth. One that will keep your eyes bright, your soul alive and leave you with an instant charisma bonus.

Pale? It’s Not A Flaw – It’s a Feature!

Sun damage is irreversible and dangerous. Keeping up with ubiquitous “bronze goddess” peer pressure when you’re born pale is destroying your uniqueness (and health).

Surrender to Darkness 🖤 [Healthy Sleep Quest #8]

Illuminated nights weaken your health, damage your brain and potentially weaken the immune systems of your unborn children. Improve your health by learning how to reduce light pollution.

…And Greenest Whites! Dental Care – Trends and Truth

Because now that you have your favourite red lipstick, you’ll want to flash the whitest possible smile (in a healthy, eco-conscious way, that is).