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Apps, websites, technology that are green & great – or help you lead a greener and greater life.

“To Me, Beauty Is An Overarching Cardinal Virtue” — Interview With Nath Fedorova, Beautycalypse

Deutsch alert ⭐️ My video interview with Amazingy is up in which I explain why I think “beauty will save the world” and answer The Number One Most Frequently Asked Question I get from overwhelmed green lifestyle enthusiasts. German with English subtitles. Watch now!

Daylio App: The Gratitude Journal If You “Don’t Journal”

Daylio App Review — how to track your mood and goals with this simple and intuitive app for a more intentional and happy life

Do you hate journaling? Or are you very much into it, just lack the time to keep a daily (gratitude) journal? There’s an app for it — of course there is — and it’s safe to say, I find it quite life-changing.

Bookshelf Monthly, the Eco-Question: How Green Are Paper Books vs. E-Readers?

Even paperback fans can enjoy the magic of carrying around an endless library aka an e-reader during summer vacation. But what are really the greenest ways to enjoy your read? 

A New Must-Watch Documentary: “Zeit für Utopien” (Time for Utopian Ideas)

What would our world look like if it was based more on cooperation and less on competition? This new documentary portrays initiatives from all over the world: the green, post-growth avantgarde.

⭐️How to Sleep Like a Baby (No Matter What) | Healthy Sleep Quest #9

The following article discusses four critical sleep-related threats to your health – and offers simple steps to unwind for a night full of delicious rest.

100 Green Ideas for a Carefree, Chic Summer

August is the one summer month sweet and rich with colours, tastes, local produce – spiced up with the sudden smell of autumn wind on a sunny morning.

Codecheck App: Finally Available in English!

The cult ingredient checking app that helps conscious consumers find skincare products without microplastics, conflict palm oil, animal byproducts, and allergens got bilingual in the wake of entering the US market.

How To Stop Wasting Time & Get Better Night’s Sleep | Healthy Sleep Quest #7

I’ve been experimenting with smart lighting and a unique watch to get more control over my schedule and bedtime – for a major productivity and night’s sleep improvement.

Tech Topics of Tomorrow | IFA 2016

As a geeky conscious consumer with a soft spot for scifi, after bringing you a glimpse on sustainability in electronics, today I look at key tech topics relevant for the future.

Sustainability and the Electronics Industry | IFA 2016

Electronics: the industry where sustainability doesn’t come easy. Let me introduce you to five ethical brands – offering clever products for our everyday needs – that make a difference today.