Eco-fair, ethical, gorgeous and cruelty-free (many vegan-friendly) fashion picks: from everyday items to luxurious and elegant garments, shoes, accessories and fine jewels.

Here you find brands carefully curated for a lifestyle that doesn’t compromise on ethics or aesthetics.

Des Artistes: Art x Fashion x Eco x Charity

Bringing together art and sustainability, the Munich-based brand Des Artistes offers tees, tank tops and sweat shirts that are organic, non-tox, and artistic.

The Trouble With Silk

As promised, the BEAUTYCALYPSE beauty cake in September is drizzled with fashion sprinkles. Let’s talk about the most luxurious and sensual fabric: silk.

How To Organise Your Closet and Prevent Bad Impulse Buying – Permanently! [Style Advice #1]

Because there is *good* impulse shopping, really. Follow me to these 5 super-easy steps that will change your (fashion) life forever!

Book Review: The Real Impact of Accessible Luxury | Bookshelf Monthly #6

This NY Times bestseller was published back in 2007, but is not a household name yet. Let’s have a look into the most ENLIGHTENING book on fashion industry!

September Sidequest: Why Green Fashion Matters | Critical Consumer Quest #3

BEAUTYCALYPSE is of course a clean beauty journey. Let me invite you to this Fashion Sidequest, for one simple reason: toxic doesn’t stop at the shampoo bottle.  

Carefree! (Lovely: nail art alternative and photo challenge mash-up)

Nothing says “carefree” to me like a little bit of vanity. And after this hard week at work, I simply *need* my go-to manicure alternative. Enjoy!

Grace afoot: Ditch the high heels, ladies | Fitness Habits #1

Discover how to walk most graciously without high heels – or even completely naked! Oh la la…

Visionary green fashion pioneer Magdalena Schaffrin

Don’t miss my LOCALSPOTTER-exclusive interview with Berlin’s award-winning green fashion pioneer Magdalena Schaffrin (includes Magdalena’s tips for green fashion and lifestyle shopping both in and outside Berlin!)

Practical DIY Guide to Minor Fashion Fixes | DIY Quest #2

Vintage is the new trend with style-savvy, green-interested modern individuals. 

What I did on long winter’s nights… | DIY Quest #1

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from postap-games and movies (the thing I actually did during long winter’s nights was playing Fallout 3) than it’s this: Learn to fix things.