Eco-fair, ethical, gorgeous and cruelty-free (many vegan-friendly) fashion picks: from everyday items to luxurious and elegant garments, shoes, accessories and fine jewels.

Here you find brands carefully curated for a lifestyle that doesn’t compromise on ethics or aesthetics.

Sneak Peek: Green Highlights Of The Upcoming Fashion Week Berlin July 3–5

Meet team BEAUTYCALYPSE at the upcoming Berlin fashion week + discover some of our green highlights at a glance.

Wearing Fruits & Veggies? 7 Sustainable Textile Innovations To Look Out For

We’ve come a loooooong way from the ole fig leaf. Discover our 7 favourite sustainable textile innovations that will inspire even more positive change in the fashion industry.

Apply Now: Abury Design Experience 2018

It’s on! The 4th edition of the ADEx invites fashion designers to become part of the growing community of sustainable fashion heroes and to win a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

April in Berlin – Fair Fashion Look: Black ‘Leather’ Leggings and Red Combat Boots

Wunderwerk and Wolford fair fashion outfit. April in Berlin

An eco-fair fashion blog is incomplete without ethical outfit posts! But we don’t want styled outfits, so let’s see what *this* slow fashion blogger really wears.

World Water Day Thoughts: A Washing Bag (+ More Tips) To Reduce Micro Waste

With World Water Day tomorrow, and seeing our water system flooded with micro plastic waste, many of which comes from synthetic clothes, what can you *actually* do to reduce micro fibre pollution?

Where to Shop Eco-Fair Fashion? – Berlin Fashion Week, Green Highlights

Because we’re slowly starting to hope for spring and declutter our wardrobes (us all, right? Riiiight?), my highlight-packed “green fashion week” review coulnd’t be more timely.

How to Find Eco-Friendly Leather Alternatives: Piñatex® – A Non-Toxic, Sustainable Fibre

Leather alternatives don’t need to be toxic PVC. But what if cork, paper or rubber look and feel too outlandish to you? Then pineapples may be up your alley. I’m not kidding.

“No planet B”: An Eco-Ethical, Everyday, Statement Look

Walking the green talk can sometimes mean wearing a lot of red 😉

“Weaving treads lightly on the Earth” – Interview with Abury Design Experience winner Ruth Hepburn

Changing the face of fashion one thread at a time: with ADEx 2017, Ethiopian weavers join Abury’s circle of amazing artisans from different cultures. 

Five Fall-Winter 2017/2018 Outfits: Tying Together Trends, Ethics, and Personal Style

This style article packs a punch: 5 OUTFITS styled for a busy week & cold weather, 11 hottest fall/winter TRENDS, 15 ethical brands, and 5 tips on building your own ethical wardrobe.