Skincare by season and by topic, for women and men; make-up, nail polish reviews and swatches.

Beauty, skincare and personal care product reviews; vegan-friendly fragrances free from known toxins such as phthalates; vegan-friendly/ cruelty-free skincare and cosmetics without known toxins.

All products I choose are free from wheat-, oat-, barley-based or gluten-based ingredients.

All products qualify as vegetarian-friendly: the sole non-vegan ingredient I accept (in the moment) is organic beeswax.

All products I choose must be free from conflict palm oil and from ingredients based upon it.

“Mineral Make-up”: Talc is Cheap | Ingredient Alchemy Lab #2

There’s make-up with “mineral” in its name (and granted, some in its formula) and there’s real mineral makeup. Let’s have a closer look at the smoke and the mirrors.

Review: Organic Shampoos | Hair Health Quest #3

Dear Adventurers and Adventuresses! The BEAUTYCALYPTIC rider has been out there in the toxic wasteland and has gathered some healthy loot she is about to review NOW.

Who Put The “Poo” In Shampoo? | Hair Health Quest #2 | Ingredient Alchemy Lab #1

Do you know this Internet meme? “I put the sexy in dyslexia”, “I put the fun in funeral”, “I put the hot in psychotic”…

Book Wednesday: No More Dirty Looks | Bookshelf Monthly #1

Dear Adventurer, are you a healthy-beauty-nerd (excellent!) – or are you rather asking yourself why on Earth should you care about healthy beauty in the first place?

The Rapunzel challenge | Hair Health Quest #1

“Your hair is sooo shiny!” (…bitch) “How do you make your hair bounce?” (She says it’s natural. Oh, come on!)