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Beauty, skincare and personal care product reviews; vegan-friendly fragrances free from known toxins such as phthalates; vegan-friendly/ cruelty-free skincare and cosmetics without known toxins.

All products I choose are free from wheat-, oat-, barley-based or gluten-based ingredients.

All products qualify as vegetarian-friendly: the sole non-vegan ingredient I accept (in the moment) is organic beeswax.

All products I choose must be free from conflict palm oil and from ingredients based upon it.

CertClean Awards 2019: Face Serums — Brand Reveal & Review

A review of ten natural and organic face serums in the Face Serum category of the CertClean Clean Beauty Awards 2019.

Hugging trees has never felt so soft! 😳💚🥰

With 85K trees planted and counting, this young German brand offer more than the softest, plushest and most durable bath towels and bathrobes (quite affordable, too). They took a commodity and made it into an emission-neutral, tree-planting, eco-fun lifestyle product for literally everyone who needs a towel. BEAUTYCALYPSE has examined the eco promises and tested the towels’ wear and tear for 2.5 months.

Certified Organic, Palm-Oil Free Skincare From Austria: die Nikolai

The season of grape harvest is over, and the season of enjoying its yield is upon us (santé!). However, when a bio-dynamic winery also produces grape-based certified organic skincare which is also free from palm kern oil ingredients, they certainly get all of my attention. Let’s unbox their facial serum. Spoiler: it’s absolutely d-i-v-i-n-e.

Love Sacred, Love Bottled…

If I were not writing about all things fabulous about an ethical and eco lifestyle, I would be writing about niche perfume because I love this stuff so much. In today’s review of the relaunched version of Parfum Nr. 2 by Pauline R. I touch up on what sensuality got to do with creativity. Spoiler: everything!

A Twenties Inspired Beauty Look For The Upcoming Festive Season

Well, well, hello, November… With the party season looming, it’s nice to have an elegant beauty look that you can whip up super fast even for impromptu celebrations. This is also the lightest, easiest and also most flattering smoky eye and vampy red lip combo I have ever worn!

Revamped ⭐️ Trusted Brands’ — Green Beauty & Fair Fashion News In October

This new article packs a punch: celebrate with me the new revamped Trusted Brands’ News — from now on bringing you the best of what green beauty AND fair fashion have to offer — and try your luck at a raffle (what you can win is a holistic, organic hair care set).

2019 Natural Cosmetics Conference: Key Insights

Be authentic, be innovative, be sustainable… Powerful insights into the challenges and chances of the organic beauty industry from this year’s Natural Cosmetics Conference in Berlin.

Trusted Brands’ Beauty News In September

Natural and organic choices — and less consumption overall — are a real contribution to having a healthy future. Discover fabulous sustainable skincare and personal care in this month’s Trusted Brands’ Beauty News or stalk this series for even more healthy, Earth-friendly beauty inspiration.

⭐️ The Art Of Perfume Meets Energy Healing: Interview with Pauline Rochas

As a fine fragrance lover, finding perfume creators that go the green(er) route is a treat for me. Not all are as uncompromising as AER or as rooted in wellness as Farfalla. Discover more in our interview with Pauline Rochas (yes, *that* Rochas) as we discuss the rebranding of her The 7 Collection, dedicated to the power of the seven chakras.

Trusted Brands’ Beauty News In August

My August green beauty favourites: utter gems from pastels for your bathroom *and* for your nails to sun-kissed and chiselled cheekbones.