Nice to meet you, Adventurer.


I’m Nath, a former journalist and editor turned digital strategist and copywriter who at some point came out as a green influencer. I’ve been walking the sustainability & health talk since my teenage years but as BEAUTYCALYPSE founder, I’m now on a mission to inspire people online and all over the world as well!

And so you know: I’m not here to make you buy stuff or to shove sustainability down your throat. (Although let there be no mistake – I could, I’m in the business of words that sell, after all.)

Instead, I’m here to show you how to make informed decisions for yourself. Leading a genuinely ethical, green, happy and healthy life without giving up on great style is possible. The start may overwhelm you massively, and the lack of a blueprint/ cookie cutter solution may dishearten you at first, but take my word – it will get much better.


It’s the 2013-launched log of my ongoing, 1994-born Quest for what I call Ethical Excellence – asking the right questions for a better, healthier, wiser, kinder, and happier life.

My goal is to share my Quest with you in order to inspire, to empower You to ask the right questions yourself. We need more mindful and wise decisions in our world today. We need less hysteria and more knowledge, more education, more communication.
Agreed? Then welcome to my Green Gang!


BEAUTY is the force that will save the world.
And CALYPSE is from the Greek word ‘apocalypse’ – the unveiling, the end of lies, the end of not-knowing, and the dawn of a new and better era. Is it though? Or is it perhaps the toxic wasteland, the end of our civilisation, the dystopian horror, the post-war, post-human nightmare of hunger and destruction?

We need to investigate opportunities for thriving sustainably, while exposing – and opposing – the ugly industry facts.


What I look for and into are: eco-fair fashion, artisanal & ethical luxury, green beauty (organic skincare & personal care, fragrances), vegan/ vegetarian + gluten-free + sugar-free and health-boosting food, various health topics, soul health, toxins, environment, human rights, personal care, greener travel, ethical business, green entrepreneurs, product-independent beauty, products free from conflict palm/ kernel oil and derivatives and much more.

BEAUTYCALYPSE is the Quest to Living Ethical Excellence.

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  1. Thanks for following ZimmerBitch. I’m not much of a consumer of beauty products, but I do care about what goes into my food, products, etc. so I’m finding your blog really useful (and well-written). Cheers, Su.

    • Thanks for this note, Su ❤ I just loved your style!
      (And no worries, I'm not writing only about beauty) 😉

  2. Very Refreshing blog! I’m enjoying it alot and would like to link back your #Green Nail Polish post at our Facebook #BaliBrand Organic wear, Nurkamaya. Happy Tuesday!

    • well thank you! I liked the old but it was too messy and too teenage diary – good for a start but bad for r’n’r.

      and yes, I’m telling a story. I’ve made up and written up stories for a living all my life now, just it weren’t MY stories.

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