Nice to meet you, Adventurer. I’m Nath, the green influencer (“greenfluencer”!), health advocate, ethics analyst, researcher, art director and editor behind BEAUTYCALYPSE, the 2013-launched log book of my ongoing, 1994-born Quest for what I call Ethical Excellence – asking the right questions for a better, healthier, wiser, kinder, and happier life.

Choosing ethical feels better than choosing conventional – if you choose wisely.”
– Nath Fedorova, BEAUTYCALYPSE.com

My goal is to share my Quest with you – and to inspire You to ask the right questions yourself. We need more mindful and wise decisions in our world today.

I’m not here to make you buy stuff – although, as a seasoned polyglot copywriter and digital strategist specialising in niche eco and luxury brands, I have that power. I’m here to show you how to make informed decisions to lead a genuinely ethical, green, happy and healthy life without giving up on great style, which is slightly dark and geeky in my case. I run this place 100% ad-free and 100% against all blogging odds.

What does BEAUTYCALYPSE mean?

BEAUTY- stands for the beauty industry where my Quest has begun, but also for a characteristic that scholars fight to define. I see beauty as a power shaped by harmony and health, wisdom and fairness, strength and integrity – unthinkable without a beautiful spirit, impossible without an empathic heart. I chose to think so to prove good old St. Augustine wrong (“Beauty is indeed a good gift of God; but that the good may not think it a great good, God dispenses it even to the wicked”; St. Augustine, The City of God and On Christian Doctrine).

The Greek word ‘apocalypse’ lends me the –CALYPSE, and stands for the unveiling, the end of lies, the end of not-knowing, and for the dawn of a new and better era. It’s time to investigate and to disclose genuine beauty secrets and ugly industry secrets alike.

What is BEAUTYCALYPSE about?

What I look for and into are: eco-fair fashion, artisanal & ethical luxury, green beauty (organic skincare & personal care, fragrances), vegan/ vegetarian + gluten-free + sugar-free and health-boosting food, various health topics, soul health, toxins and tox-free options, personal care, greener travel and much more. Hype or trends – except societal – are not BEAUTYCALYPSE.

For reasons that span all the “right stuff” (such as: sustainable & ethical production, habitat preservation, animal welfare beyond the vegan hype, environment & climate), I also only choose products free from conflict palm oil and derivatives, which is a challenging task nowadays.

Who‘s talking anyway?

To make BEAUTYCALYPSE as vibrant, relevant, and informative as it hopefully is (constantly improving!) I take advantage of my studies, my professional background and a passion for actionable knowledge.

With a degree in German Literature & Language, Communication Science & Computer Linguistics and 15+ years of professional working experience in online/software and publishing industries in Germany, today I’m a freelance quadrilingual content and conversion strategist specialising in niche and luxury brands.

I am a very private person and have been shying away from publicity-intense projects. Nevertheless, I’ve created some remarkable business development and storytelling success stories as well as a beautiful collection of published (and award-winning) editorial work.

7 facts about me – in case we need to get a conversation going

1. I used to sing in a gospel choir. These days I prefer to host staged readings in Berlin with my writer friend Doris LautenbachMy preferred genre is magic naturalism/ urban fantasy.
2. I adore video/PS4 games! My favourites are: from The Elder Scrolls series: Skyrim and Oblivion; The Last of Us; Diablo (II + III); Bayonetta; Heavenly Sword; the Broken Sword franchise.
I can’t leave unmentioned a cult classic: the Gabriel Knight series. Apart from gaming, I love reading. My favourite stories told in books, movies and TV series deal, albeit not exclusively, with zombies, vamps, weres and folklore monsters. Mmh, juicy… Also: dystopian, apocalyptic, scifi, sarcastic and gothic literature, films, comics (Nemi, Chastity, American Vampire, the original Peanuts, Dilbert, Run Freak Run) – FTW!
3. I was born in the late 70s in Moscow and I am fluent in four languages. 

4. BEAUTYCALYPSE was created in 2013, but I’ve been blogging since 2000!
5. I love bad puns and I cannot lie! satire and wordplay.
6. My illustrated avatar drawing, yes, the one with the horns and wings, is actually a protrait of me made by the insanely talented London-based fashion illustrator Anna Goncharenko.
7. I actually don’t like to talk about myself here. Sure, BEAUTYCALYPSE is 100% me but in the same time I’m not my own main content – so you will hardly find any diary-style posts 🙂

8 responses to “about

  1. Thanks for following ZimmerBitch. I’m not much of a consumer of beauty products, but I do care about what goes into my food, products, etc. so I’m finding your blog really useful (and well-written). Cheers, Su.

    • Thanks for this note, Su ❤ I just loved your style!
      (And no worries, I'm not writing only about beauty) 😉

  2. Very Refreshing blog! I’m enjoying it alot and would like to link back your #Green Nail Polish post at our Facebook #BaliBrand Organic wear, Nurkamaya. Happy Tuesday!

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    • well thank you! I liked the old but it was too messy and too teenage diary – good for a start but bad for r’n’r.

      and yes, I’m telling a story. I’ve made up and written up stories for a living all my life now, just it weren’t MY stories.

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