Palm Oil: The Sodasan Statement

Hey, Adventurer! Do you like to breathe? If your answer is “YES!!!???”, and if you have a pulse, put on your curiousity hat and get in the know about palm oil business.

Palm oil RSPO failure and incredibily vast use of palm oil in packaged goods

Sustainable palm oil – a myth, busted

Why certified sustainable palm oil can’t be seen as cruelty-free or sustainable anymore: facts, numbers, impact on society and environment, and links to international palm-oil-free product guides.

Certified Organic, Palm-Oil Free Skincare From Austria: die Nikolai

The season of grape harvest is over, and the season of enjoying its yield is upon us (santé!). However, when a bio-dynamic winery also produces grape-based certified organic skincare which is also free from palm kern oil ingredients, they certainly get all of my attention. Let’s unbox their facial serum. Spoiler: it’s absolutely d-i-v-i-n-e.

Amaranthine Beauty: The First Palm-Oil Free Certified Skincare Brand

For those of you who appreciate hand-blended, exquisite and mostly botanical recipes *and* the palm-oil free philosophy, comes a special treat: I invite you to discover Amaranthine Beauty via both a quick round of Q&As with the founder and a review of three hero products PLUS to follow both @amaranthine_skincare and @beautycalypse on Instagram for an upcoming readers raffle.

Legendary Amazon Oil (Rahua) In A 12-Weeks Review

As we enter the dreaded season of “beanie hair”, dryness frizz and static mischief (aka flyaways), I’m conveniently done with my 2 months of testing Rahua’s Legendary Amazon Oil — a natural hair oil designed to deliver a smooth and shiny anti-frizz finish.