A Twenties Inspired Beauty Look For The Upcoming Festive Season

Monochromatic eyes and vampy red lips are a party makeup staple.
For me, however, this is a bit of a new endeavour:

Grey, silver and wine red are definitely not my best colours.

So I wanted to try and make them work for me and for other warm-and-neutral girls anyway! My idea for making the smokey eye work was to first tackle my eye shape and add grey and silver on top afterwards. The red lip is entirely translucent, gloss-topped to avoid the tired, aged look this colour can give us warm and neutral colour types.

The Pleasure Of Illusion

The Golden Twenties are a favourite when it comes to inspiration for glamourous looks. Of course, we’re all too willing to ignore the historic reality of that time. We delight in the illusion. And illusion is exactly what I resorted to for this look.

Smoky Eyes — for Hooded Lids

Classic bold and monochromatic black and silver smokey eye makeup — all organic, with a vampy red lipSmoky eyes don’t work well on my eye shape. Don’t get me wrong: I love my eye shape. But my eyes start off monolid-like in the inner corner and go on to look hooded on the outer two thirds. If I don’t define the crease, any attempt at a smoky eye ends up looking quite unflattering: either way too harsh, or quite out of shape, of pretty much asymmetrical. Duh.

So if you, too, have hooded eyes, the trick is to define and to visually lift your eye shape using a neutral brown shade first; and to proceed by applying your smoky colours on top. This way you’ll have a nice, visible shape to work with.

Silver is usually not my colour. But as a bold lower lashline accent it brights the eyes and — surprisingly — enhances the eye colour. I applied the black eye shadow close to the upper lashes and then feathered it outwards and upwards right into the silver dusting just above the crease. The upper lashline is tightlined with a black khol pencil.
Products used: eyeshadow, mascara Sappho; red lip Und Gretel and Tata Harper lip balm on top.

Dark red nails with matte top coat and glossy wine red highlight nails

Matte and Glossy Nails

The roaring twenties saw the arrival of bright colours for the nails (pinks, oranges, even shades of green and blue were du jour), but when we think of that time today, we tend to think of very dark reds. Well, it might not be historically super accurate, but it definitely goes well with modern cocktail dresses. And while excessive nail art is something I am done with for good, I like alternating colour or finish. Matte and glossy can look exciting together, and is insanely quick and easy to do.
Products used: “Noirberry” with “Touche Velours” Matte Top Coat; “Mystique Red” with Fast Dry Gloss Top Coat, all by Nailberry.

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