Apple-Loaded Gin Tonic With Thyme — Entertain In Style This Halloween!

Autumn: high season for apples.
Gin Tonic: a party staple.
Apple + Thyme Gin Tonic: methinks, we’ve got a winner.

Let’s whip up a fancy cocktail for your Halloween party guests and, well, chat — because the cocktail is a no-brainer, and this post would be awkwardly short otherwise.

Let’s roll!

Gin Tonic With Apple & Thyme

Gin Tonic With Apple & Thyme RecipeSo, what will you need?
For 2 servings you’ll need one acidic, juicy, crisp organic apple, fresh thyme, your fave brand of fine gin, possibly from a regional brewery, tonic water, and ice cubes to taste.

Here in Berlin we are quite spoilt with choice when it comes to organic soda drinks and specialty liquors: I picked Hinterland Gin made in Black Forest region, and Natur Frisk tonic water — very bitter indeed. Love it!

Now tell me, do you celebrate Halloween? Samhain, perhaps? If you’re into dark, realistic witchcraft things, do you know the Spanish illustrator Victoria Frances?
Check out Victoria’s Instagram where she shares not just her amazing art, but also atmospheric witchy photography featuring broomsticks, poisonous plants, and black goats.

If you’re more into the trick’n’treat Halloween vibe with fun decor and parties, don’t miss out the insanely crafty Jen and John of the cult blog Epbot. Their home decorations and party games are out of this world.
Now back to the recipe, right…

Hinterland Gin for the Apple Thyme Gin Tonic

An Apple & Thyme Gin Tonic usually doesn’t need pureed apples, but this is exactly what I made here. Mashed them finely with about a tablespoon of fresh thyme leaves. Next you mix the apple-thyme puree with roughly crushed ice cubes, layered in Moscow Mule cupper tumblers. The latter for no particular reason, I just like how they look and feel.

How to mix an Apple Thyme Gin Tonic

Natur Frist Organic Tonic Water

Speaking of look and feel, do you do costumes? I love costumes! For reasons obvious to eco-savvy BEAUTYCALYPSE readers I don’t like the “sexy” type of PVC garbage you can buy in party stores. Come Halloween, I have two main “characters” I love impersonating and developing year in, year out: Elen of the Ways, and a Steampunk Werewolf Hunter Red Riding Hood (of course). Both costumes need no sewing, are easy to whip up using just your regular wardrobe, and involve a looooot of messing around with (organic) makeup! Whoop-whoop! 
And hey, I even have a couple clever Halloween face paint tips for men up my sleeves.

Okay, so our cocktail is almost there!
Now add 6 cl gin per serving and fill up with tonic water. Decorate with thyme sprigs.
Serve and enjoy (responsibly), that’s the whole reason! Tastes best with a classic horror movie 😉

Apple & Thyme Gin Tonic Recipe

P.S. And if you have a couple more spare minutes, make these fiery, crunchy choc and chili bites for your (adult) guests.

Have a spooky fright night, and check out moarrrrr GREEN HALLOWEEN content here.