Trusted Brands’ Beauty News In September

Welcome to my September beauty notes, green gang.
Pioneer brands meet Far East beauty secrets in this month’s edition of:

Trusted Brands’ Beauty News

Genuine: Natracare

Trusted brand — for a reason

Natracare is a true hygiene product pioneer. Susie Hewson, founder and owner of Natracare, was the first to develop an organic tampon back in 1989. An eco-warrior and activist, she was appalled at the amount of toxins that could find their way into period products — and at the lack of organic and body-friendly options.

Offering a wide range of 100% plastic-free and toxin-free menstrual, incontinence and baby care products, Natracare donate 1% of their annual turnover to 1% for the Planet.

If you’re not the menstrual cup type, or if you’re simply looking for the other type of personal hygiene products, definitely check out the Natracare range. They are widely available in organic supermarkets and online.

Photography: Natracare

Natural J-Beauty: Tozaime

Enjoying J-Beauty the natural way

As someone deeply fascinated by Japan’s culture and history, I am totally guilty of being partial to anyone who feels the same.

Tozaime is a new, Munich-based natural cosmetics brand dedicated to enabling and maintaining a striking complexion. And they approach this by asking the question: How did the Geishas keep their skin so incredibly silky and healthy despite all the heavy, theatrical make-up they were wearing?

At the core of J-Beauty (and the Geisha’s beauty secrets, of course) is the so-called mochi-hada: flawless skin. You achieve mochi-hada by following a strict sun protection routine, thorough yet gentle cleansing, and, of course, hydration. Tozaime rely on powerful biofermented, natural active ingredients that can strengthen the skin’s microbiome.

Tozaime water-free GEISHA GLOW PHYTOACTIVE YOUTH CREAM is based on aloe vera instead of water and contains skin-loving plant extracts, fermented actives and oils derived from white tea, ginseng, wakame, kimchi, and moringa, among others.

Photography: Tozaime

i+m Madame Inge Cream Showergel

Dedicated to the brand’s founder

Inge Stamm is i+m Naturkosmetik founder, vegan and organic skincare pioneer, and has been running the business for over 35 years. To celebrate her work, the company came up with the “Madame Inge” range — a luscious collection of beautifully scented, rich textures for a SPA experience at home.

With the new Cream Showergel, morning showers have all the chances to turn into SPA-like moments. The powdery, flowery scent beguiles the senses. 

Available online and in many POS across Germany and Europe.

Photography: i+m

Und Gretel x Lili Radu

If you were shopping for a new handbad AND make-up…

…this limited edition would be an ace deal for you.

Two Berlin-based niche brands, Und Gretel and Lili Radu (the first German company to create leather accessoires for Apple) have whipped up a 498 Euro set consisting of Lili Radu off-white calfskin mini handbag filled with Knutzen Lipgloss, Wint Mascara, Ilge Transparent Powder and Luk Creme Eye Stick.

Ideal for loyal fans of both brands. Or a very nice Christmas gift if funds allow.

The luxurious set is limited and launches during September. Available from Lili Radu and Und Gretel online shops.

Photography: Und Gretel

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