To Save The World

Brazil. Indonesia. Africa. Russia. The rainforests, the taiga, the plains — our world is literally burning.

This NASA map shows you the scope of the catastrophy in real time.

Now, you will read over and over again that we can’t afford to lose the world’s forests. Yes, for most of you reading this those forests are far away, in countries you never visited, maybe even never cared to visit, but here’s the catch: if our planet’s rainforests and Co. are gone, no country borders, no walls, no politicians are going to keep “your” air safe while “their” air goes away.

The crisis is homemade, of course. Our hunger for stuff made it happen.

We want affordable steaks, we want smooth lipsticks, we want creamy chocolate spreads, we want convenience food. The entire point of BEAUTYCALYPSE is finding sustainable products that are free from so-called “conflict” ingredients. It’s a tough quest, but it’s doable more often than it’s not.

However, to cut the story short — here are links to articles with highly actionable tips that help you choose and find ways how you personally can help stop the current crisis and prevent the next one.

What To Do When The World Is On Fire?

For my US and Canada based readers: this excellent FastCompany article lists 9 ways to help the Amazon Rainforest, now and beyond for North Americans to help (from signing petitions to donating).

From UK and a bunch of UK-based and European ethical influencers (like myself) comes a compilation of ideas for basically everyone: Amazon Fires — How To Take Action From Afar on Ethical Influencers.

For my German friends an in German: Dieser aktueller Artikel vom BR fasst sehr gut das Wichtigste zusammen, was man beim Konsum langfristig machen kann plus weist noch mal gesondert auf die Palmöl-Problematik hin.

Whatever you choose — to sigh a petition, to drop conflict palm oil, to consume regional meat or to go veggie, to donate money to organisations supporting the Indigenous Tribes suffering at the forefront of the rainforest fires — please, choose something. Please, do something.

This crisis shows better than anything how beauty will save the world. If greed and hunger for power are ugly, if caring for the world and all life it harbours is beauty; if monocrops, battery and factory farming, if slash and burn our ugly, if acting in a sustainable and ethical way is beautiful, then now is our chance to be beautiful af.