Trusted Brands’ Beauty News In August

Photography and © left to right: Gitti, Kushel, und Gretel.

Trusted Brands’ Beauty News

Farfalla’s Aroma Yoga

Organic room spray: Styrax to relax

Styrax or Storax or Benzoin resin has all the good chances to become the very next frankincense, white sage or palo santo for those with a thing for fragrant spiritual rituals. Its warm fragrant notes reminiscent of cacao and vanilla are soothing and calming. Used in perfumes, ointments and insense throughout history, Styrax has the ability to freshen and gently desinfect the air.

If you’re not that into smoking the actual resin, Farfalla’s brand new 100% organic and vegan-friendly room spray “Sonnengruß” (sun salutation) is here to make your day brighter.

Photography: Farfalla

Kushel towels for your home Spa

Bluewater-neutral and climate-neutral bathroom textiles

If you remember my interview about sustainable rainforest farming, you’ll remember the philosophy to take only as much from Nature as Nature easily can replace. What if you could produce something that gives back more than it takes?

A German bathroom textile brand founded in 2018, Kushel offers ultra-fluffy towels that are made of organic cotton and LENZING’s Tencel modal (source: sustainable forestry beechwood) which per se is not a novelty mix, but what they do in addition is compensate their CO2 emissions and the water cost plus plant two trees per one sold item.

Kushel is a certified B Corp. The towels are produced in Portugal and available in four beautiful colours to suit any home. I discovered Kushel as they followed @beautycalypse on Instagram — and I instantly liked their philosophy.

Photography: Kushel

Gitti’s New Water-Based Colours

Nude, Coral + Grey

Amazing news for all Gitti fans — the Berlin-based brand of cleanest (to date) water-based nail polish are launching new colours to add to their inaugural collection of reds. And the new colours are completely to die for.

As always, the young start-up only sells the nail polishes via their newsletter, and the colours tend to go fast.

Photography: Gitti

Stay, Tan: Und Gretel

Bronze and contour like a pro

With Und Gretel’s SUNNE Lifting Modellage Powder in ‘Bero’, the dilemma of “is the bronzer okay for contouring?” is finally solved. The Natural Bronzer duo contains a warm and a neutral shade, each just perfect for the respective job: you accentuate the shadows with the neutral shade, then add sunny warmth with the beautiful, universally flattering terracotta.

The product itself, packaged in a cleverly designed cardboard box with all that jazz as a mirror and two brushes, comes with an easy-to-grasp tutorial booklet.

NB for the curious reader: “Bero” is Middle High German for “bear” or “brown”.

Photography: Und Gretel

Bye, Double Happiness!
Welcome Nord Beauty

Simple skin health solutions from the Canadian North

Sometimes a journey takes detours. You might remember Sonja as a green beauty blogger (Life in Blush) and the co-founder of Double Happiness skincare. Her fascination has always been with the health of the skin microbiome. Now with her new endeavor beautifully named Nord Beauty, she has started a company of her own: “My primary driving force behind creating Nord Beauty was to empower everyone to have skin that thrives in all elements. In the least harmful way, not only to their skin, but the environment around you.”

“The harsh climate of the Canadian north taught us how to overcome dry, problematic skin using only natural and sustainable oil based products. The effect of all Nord Beauty skincare products is not only a more balanced complexion, but a healthier skin shield, known as the microbiome.” – Sonja Flay, Nord Beauty

Photography: Nord Beauty