Amaranthine Beauty: The First Palm-Oil Free Certified Skincare Brand

Efficient skincare — completely free from palm oil? Exists! Discover now: Amaranthine Beauty.

From Scotland: Amaranthine Beauty

Amaranthine is a place in Dragon Age and a planet in Mass Effect, if you’re talking games. The name lends itself so well to fantastic worlds because it implies something otherworldly — immortal, everlasting. The very word is a dream and a promise.

If you’re talking skincare, Amaranthine is an indie natural beauty brand from Scotland; the first ever to be certified “palm-oil free” under a government-approved palm oil free certification trademark, and neither a dream nor an (empty) promise as I can say after weeks of testing.

For those of you who appreciate hand-blended, exquisite and mostly botanical recipes, lightweight textures and the palm-oil free philosophy, comes a special treat:

I invite you to meet founder Sarah Rueger for a quick round of Q&As, check out three highly efficient products (my personal favourites from the range) and follow both @amaranthine skincare and @beautycalypse on Instagram for an upcoming readers raffle.

Amaranthine Beauty:

Three Questions With Founder Sarah Rueger

Q: Sarah, would you share how you first learned about the impact of palm oil production? 
A: For as long as I can remember I’ve been conscious of the impact that humans are having on our planet. To be honest, I can’t remember when I first learned about the impact of palm oil production, but when I decided to start my own skincare range I knew that being palm oil free was going to one of the brand’s important values. As soon as the International Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark Programme was approved to certify in the UK I applied. I was so quick that Amaranthine became the first skincare company in the world to get a certification trademark!
Q: Who is the Amaranthine product range made for? How do your customers find you and how important is the PO-free claim for them?
A: Amaranthine is for the eco-conscious woman who wants to use ethical and natural skincare products that give real results. Our products are for women who don’t see skincare as a chore but as a ritual – some me-time out of their busy day to indulge themselves with some luxury skincare products. 
Amaranthine customers are conscious of our impact on the environment and are happy to support companies that are palm oil free. 
Q: Scotland is known for its stunning landscapes, but I personally know little about traditional skincare. Are there interesting recipes or traditions you can share? 
A: ‘A-maying’ is a Pagan Scottish tradition dating back centuries. On May 1st women of Edinburgh would get up before sunrise and climb Arthur’s Seat to wash their faces in the first morning dew. It was believed that this would guarantee you happiness and a good complexion for the forthcoming year! 

Amaranthine Beauty:

Product Review — The Glow Heroes

The heroes of my “test run”: Amaranthine Facial Oil, Cleansing Balm and Radiance Face Mask. All three wipe away the first signs of tiredness and ageing, and impart a delicious, healthy glow so beautiful it made me skip foundation for the entire period of testing.

The Facial Oil is as lightweight as liquid silk. Jojoba, argan, raspberry seed and pumpkin seed oils to balance the skin and to make it firmer and smoother are accompanied by moisturising olive-derived squalane and a slew of essential oils with soothing and calming benefits — frankincense, geranium bourbon, lavender and sweet orange.

The Cleansing Balm is the first balm I personally can approve of: the texture is non-greasy and light (think whipped cream), and it contains my favourite exfoliating ingredient. Apricot, coconut, castor and papaya oils plus mango butter and a little beeswax make the cleansing balm not just a nourishing and deeply softening treat; the enzyme papain exfoliates the top layers of the skin in the gentlest way possible. The skin is left soft and hydrated (I remove the balm with a damp face cloth), perfect at night. BTW: the balm is ideal for facial massages.

Radiance Face Mask: this clay mask (lava and bentonite) was made absolutely sublime by adding aloe vera, camu camu and mango fruit powders and organic mandarin oil to the recipe: the texture feels soft and gentle on the skin. After removal, the skin feels supple and looks dewy fresh. If your skin is not dry, you’ll hardly feel the need to moisturise.

The review is based on the usage of press samples and entirely editorial.