Trusted Brands’ Beauty News In July

The holiday edition of the beauty news — quick’n’dirty yet 100% green’n’clean!

Trusted Brands’ Beauty News

Kjaer Weis: 2019 Midsummer Collection

Stardust the colour of tan

With the 2019 Midsummer Collection, Kjaer Weis present two new pencil colours (one for the eyes and one for the lips) and two brand new bronzers.

The powder bronzers are available in two shades, ‘Bask’ and ‘Revel’, and are designed for fair and medium skin.

‘Bask’ (shown on the left) is a balanced neutral shade of pale brown and thus perfect for the palest faces; ‘Revel’ has golden, warmer undertones and works magic on fair and medium skin. Like all KJ powder products, the powder bronzers come in the form of compacts and refills.

Photography: Kjaer Weis

DieNikolai: Austria’s Grapeseed Wonder

Demeter-certified skincare

From Austria’s oldest vineyard estate, the Nikolaihof Wachau, comes a Demeter-certified range of skincare based on grape seed extracts.

Free from palm oil, parabenes or mineral oil, the DieNikolai skincare (“die” stands for “the”, and is pronounced as “dee”; you’re welcome) spans 20 products for all skin types and needs.

I’m currently testing two of the latest additions to the range: the face peeling and the fluid with 35% grape seed oil (shown above). Grapeseed oil is a fantastic ingredient — really low on the comedogenic scale, it can help strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and, like for example argan oil, reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation or acne scars.

If you were in love with vineyard-born products before and they worked for your skin, consider DieNikolai’s pure and 100% organic range.

Photography: DieNikolai

Kleopatras Töchter: “Cleopatra’s Daughters”

Intimate care that’s REALLY safe to use

So, finally somebody’s making intimate care that doesn’t give you a headache by just reading the ingredients!

With KLEOPATRAs TÖCHTER, German for Cleopatra’s daughters, two gynaecologists Dr. Annette Binder and Dr. Ina Schuhmacher have scored a coup — all natural, safe to use products based on aromatherapeutic knowledge? Shut up and take my money!

An affordably priced range of 26 products designed for women at all stages of life is available from the company’s own online shop. 

No more questionnable “alkaline sticks”, no more petroleum-based lotions, no more harsh “black box” perfumes, no more endocrine disruptors — only the cleanest and safest oils and extracts created by medical doctors.

Photography: Kleopatras Töchter


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