Organic Skincare For Men: Seaside, UV, Heat, And Clear Skin | recomMENdations #15

Ah, finally summer! In this recomMENdations instalment we look at two very lightweight serums, at a fantastic face scrub, at a sea salt soak, a matt finish broad spectrum sunscreen and some more. 


Clear Skin vs Heat + Seaside Feelings At Home

By Mr. Beautycalypse

1 Goldenglow: Shea & Hyaluronic Booster

You can find a brief review in this news post, but when it comes to a super lightweight, super hydrating product, this organic serum made in Hesse is a keeper. Rub about 4-5 drops between the palms of your hands and pat the serum on (the same way they used to apply after shave in old commercials — this form of application, as I recently learned from Mrs, keeps the pores tight).
Available in the Goldenglow online shop.

2 Triumph & Disaster: Rock&Roll Face Scrub

Ah, Kipling, old boy! What a clever way to name a skincare company.
The Rock&Roll Face Scrub is a kaolin, green clay and volcanic ash face scrub with the texture of freshly mixed cement, just thousand times silkier. Enriched with salicylic acid and infused with an all-natural fragrance of pine, patchouli, lavender, cedarwood, eucalyptus essential oils creates a very refreshing experience; cleanses deeply and is not clingy at all (clay masks can be a pain in the armpit to remove).
Available at Blanda Beauty (online).

3 Lima Uplifting Sea Salt Soak

The shortest way to a sea salt soak for a city dweller, this blend of Himalayan and Dead sea salts with invigorating grapefruit essential oil offers a splashy heat hideaway.
Available at Savue.

4 Bruns Products: Saltspray N°12 Fresh Mandarin

An IBEBerlin discovery, this Swedish brand’s citrusy salt spray is great to achieve a ragged beachtime style. Spray, rake your fingers through your hair, done!
Available at Bruns Products’ online shop.

5 Vive Sana: Daily Protezione Broad Spectrum SPF 30

This mineral, clean, non-nano broad spectrum sunscreen stands out with the mattest finish I’ve seen in a natural skincare lotion. The product appears tinted but it really isn’t, however it has no white/blue/grey cast on your skin, and it’s water resistant as hell.
Available at Amazingy.

6 Beauty Kubes: Shampoo & Body Wash for Men

Looks like sugar cubes, but is so much more, and ideal for travel — the grey kubes of shampoo and bodywash are easy to use, simply crush them and add water to create a foamy paste; or just use as if they’re tiny chunks of soap by putting them into a washing mitt.
Available at Blanda Beauty.

7 Mlle Agathe: Soap with Grapefruit + Gel Purifiant

The soaps (Grapefruit, in the front; Almond in the back) and the purifying gel are infused with ethically obtained snail mucin extract and a real blessing on hot, sweaty summer days. The fine soap foam leaves your skin clean (not squeaky clean) and soft to the touch; and the gel, which smells like delicious, creamy vanilla sundae, makes your skin look plump, just slightly matt and naturally, youthfully clear.
Available at Mlle Agathe online shop.

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