Trusted Brands’ Beauty News In June

A new month of Green Beauty Treasures — with stellar fragrances, fragrant hair care, a caring beauty box and then some more.

Trusted Brands’ Beauty News

For Green Urbanistas: Berlin Collective Scent

A fresh Eau de Toilette reminiscent of a good whiskey

AER Scents present a new fragrance to celebrate the creative vibes of Berlin: the Roe & Collective x Cee Cee fragrance named Berlin Collective Scent.

I’ve tested the new perfume at the opening at the Hallesches Haus — it’s fresh and ever so gently floral in the beginning (you can easily compare it to the head notes of a whiskey), developing a softly spicy warmth on the skin. The notes include Rhododendron, Mandarin, Juniper, Cardamom, Virginia Cedar, Vanilla and Sandalwood.

AER Scents x Roe & Collective x Cee Cee natural fragrance Berlin Collective Scent launch event
Left side: AER Scents display. Right side: launch presentation.
AER Scents x Roe & Collective x Cee Cee natural fragrance Berlin Collective Scent launch event
Left side: Berlin Collective display. Right: Ted Rohn (AER Scents) taking photos.
AER Scents x Roe & Collective x Cee Cee natural fragrance Berlin Collective Scent launch event
Left side: AER Scents perfumer Stefan Kehl explains natural perfume to guests. Right: Roe & Co Whiskey.
AER Scents x Roe & Collective x Cee Cee natural fragrance Berlin Collective Scent launch event
Left side: Nath (beautycalypse) and Stefan (AER). Right: AER Scents complete collection.

The 100% natural EdT (30ml) is made, blended and filled in Berlin. Available at, among other, Hallesches Haus, both online and in the brick & mortar shop.

Event photography: BEAUTYCALYPSE Studio

Rahua: Hydration Detangler

Detangle and protect (from UV rays)

Last year has seen RAHUA launch Hydration, the now bestselling range of the ethical brand. The latest line addition, the Hydration Detangler, is a must-have in summer — the botanical leave-in spray detangles and protects the tresses, making them manageable and soft.

Boosting the shine, this hair “primer” is moisturising, conditioning, smoothing via it’s humidity-blocking properties (bye, frizz) and delivers instantly. The antioxidant-rich Morete oil adds a UV defense barrier — good for natural or dyed hair alike.

Photography: Rahua Amazon Beauty

Vive Sana: Clean Sunscreen

Non-greasy & antioxidant packed sunscreen

Vive Sana is an organic/mineral sunscreen brand that green beauty interested fashionistas are raving about. Think talk of town raving.

Of course the interest in tox-free, environmentally safe sunscreen has been growing over the years, and it’s good to see more savvy from “conventional” shoppers.

After all, Vive Sana’s two products, the Serum Crema (SPF20) and the Daily Protezione (SPF30), are perfectly “clean” and highly modern with antioxidant-packed formulas and lightweight textures.

Photography: Vive Sana

Amazingy: Limited Charity “Box”

Beauty shopping to save the world?

If you’re frowning, thinking “Oh, so Amazingy have warmed up to the beauty box idea… in 2019, wow”, don’t frown. First, it will give you wrinkles; second, the Berlin-based green beauty company have simply found a way to up their charity game.

Supporting the Because We Carry foundation with whopping 90€ (from 100€ selling price, with 10€ left for packaging and shipping), the limited edition “box” is available starting June 21st ( Amazingy will also go on planting trees for each order, but each charity box sold will result in 10 trees planted.

The worth of each “box” is over 400€ and features products by: RMS Beauty, Kjaer Weis, Absolution, Abel Odor, Votary, Dr. Alkaitis, Kahina Giving Beauty, Jack ‘n Jill, FYI Cosmetics, The Konjac Sponge Co., Organicup, HIRO Cosmetics, Nuori, and many more.

And if you think now “Why on Earth is she putting “box” in quotation marks?” — it’s because the “box” is really a reusable textile beauty bag.

Ready, steady, shop?

Photography: Amazingy

Henry Rose: 100% Transparent Fine Fragrances

As a fragrant side note…

Have you heard of Henry Rose fragrances?

An innovative take of the art of perfumery, the US brand are offering the first fine fragrances ever to be both EWG Verified™ and Cradle to Cradle Certified™ (Gold).

Listing absolutely all ingredients, the brand launched by actress Michelle Pfeiffer (the best Catwoman ever, period) is being the most transparent conventional perfume brand ever, not settling for the awkward “fragrance” in their full disclosure. A beautiful endeavour, and I can’t wait to see the elegantly designed bottles softly hit the European shelves.

P.S. Natural beauty pros: let’s meet and chat @ this year’s Natural Cosmetics Conference in September.
Also, early bird tickets are still available, however only until end of June. Hurry up and see ya in Berlin!


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