Fair Fashion Outfit: Dressing Up Vintage Styles

Vintage pieces — an exciting world of almost unique, affordable and often really well-made clothes. Here I’m styling a trench coat and a mini dress from the late 60s with ethical, green luxury fashion accessories, a super elegant Humour Noir clutch and pointy Alina Schürfeld salmon leather flats.

How To Dress Up Vintage Pieces:

A Fair Fashion Outfit

With the change of season, I am delight each time — packing away clean and fixed winter clothes and seeing my summer pieces anew is exciting!

I know that I’ll be combining them with new pieces, I want to try them on, to put together outfits, to choose jewellery to go with them and so on. Shopping my own closet is really fun to me — as is defining and finding select new pieces.

And new pieces more often than not are… shoes. Ethical shoes are one of the hardest things to find, as I’ve shared earlier, but this season I fell in love with the salmon leather statement shoes by Alina Schürfeld, a Hamburg-based brand. Ethically made in Italy, the shoes are made from sustainable salmon leather or chromium-free and toxin-free sorts of leather.
And don’t you just love the golden barbell piercing details on their iconic flats!?

Alina Schürfeld shoes are perfect “non-basic basics”, as I define clothes and accessories that are designed for everyday use but stand out with eccentric, statement style instead of what you’re usually told to use as a basic wardrobe. (Find out more here.)

Flats are always a good idea. See?

My vintage coat and the vintage mini dress look good together due to the golden/wheat colour of the coat being mirrored by the beautiful floral print of the dress. Of course gold, warm beige and warm brown are the colours I want to bring in for an elegant outfit.

Sun or rain, this outfit always works. And May 2019 has been a hell of a mix here in Berlin.
And I love how it’s as comfy as it’s chic. Rocking your business meetings makes a lot more fun like that, won’t you agree? 😉

Sublime styles, top quality materials, exceptional workmanship and ultra practical design with great features, and there’s nothing much to add to this when describing Humour Noir. An astonishing combination of luxurious, modern design with outstanding quality is what struck me when I saw these bags for the first time. If you’re looking for an ethical version of a real luxury bag, this is the brand to watch!

Coat: vintage, early 70s
Dress: vintage, leate 60s

Clutch: Humour Noir
Flats: Alina Schürfeld

Jewellery: Givenchy vintage


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