Fair Fashion Outfit: A Trench Coat The Colour Of Sunset

A trench coat is one of those wardrobe basics that immediately level up an outfit. The style upgrade achieved when all you’re wearing are flats, a pair of slim fit jeans, and a plain shirt by simply throwing a trench coat on top? Immediate and powerful. Best part: they exist in eco-fair, as well.

The Sunset-Coloured Trench Coat:

A Fair Fashion Outfit

The trendiest colour family in summer 2019 is definitely yellow. Yellow summer trench coats floated the runways with a multitude of shades from the lightest pastel yellow to bright lemon all the way up to turmeric and mango.

However, yellow is not a flattering colour for everybody. Subtler tones, like this butterscotch-orange trench coat by Lana Organic, will survive several fashion seasons and support you in your “100 wears” pledge for sure. The ethical factor: the coat is vegan-friendly and GOTS certified.
Besides, if you prefer darker colours, the same trench coat is available in classic dark blue.

The colour comes off quite vibrant in these images taken at sunset — but is neither too bold, nor too warm. Named “Rust” by the brand, the colour is a softened, almost neutral, really flattering orange. Think the softness of butterscotch and the brightness of kumquats, perhaps: with strong spring and summer vibes, no pumpkin latte feelings at all!

If you’re cautious with bold colours, there’s an easy way to tone it down, like I did by wearing a monochromatic outfit based on different shades of orange, such as brown, beige, and coral (orange and beige are the same colour family): a pair of Wolford faux suede leggings in greige, a Majestic shirt in coral, cognac brown overknee boots (my own, and quite old too), matchy jewellery — in deliciously fiery shades of copper, amber, and sunset orange.
I also prefer slim-fitted pieces for a little contrast when it comes to shapes.

A classic clutch or even a baguette bag is an ideal accessory to give this look an extra touch of class: the defined, powerful shape balances out all the softness of the outfit. The Humour Noir clutch Joy with gold-plated metal parts is the vegan, ethical answer to the best luxury bags out there. An investment definitely, and looking the part, the clutch is made with the greatest attention to detail.

Coat: Lana Organic
Clutch: Humour Noir
Jewellery: True Treasures (mala), Umiwi (cuff)
Leggings: Wolford
Overknees: “model’s own”