Crazy Or Classy — How To Wear Liquid Eyeliner, Summer 2019 Edition

…using green’n’clean products only — of course! Two flattering looks that I call my 2019 Signature Spring Look: fun, office- and date-worthy, and suuuuper easy to recreate due to the fantastic, versatile make-up products used.

Classy Or Crazy?

Two Ways To Wear Liquid Eyeliner

As a sustainable lifestyle and green beauty blogger, discovering new products is my daily grind, you might think. This is not the case. Well, not with me, anyway. I try to vet all brands for their philosophy, their ingredient sourcing before I even look at their products, and once I’m content with those, it’s time to test the actual product quality. What you see here, is the result of this vetting and testing.

But if you read my Indie Beauty Expo review series, you’re in for a (bit of a) treat — because for today’s makeup looks I’ll be using several of my IBEBerlin finds that I had the time to thoroughly test, along with a few time-tested faves.

Both looks require an evened out complexion (achieved using Hiro space balm and Lily Lolo matte finishing powder), a multistick for cheek and/or lip stain, a lip gloss, a black liquid eyeliner and a black mascara.

The only difference is the bold pop of yellow, added for the crazy version. After all, yellow is THE colour this summer. So it might not even be THAT crazy, huh?

What I want to focus on here though is a review of the new products rather than technique.

Multisticks, lip glosses, liquid eyeliners don’t require a lot of “technique”. Most of you have your own techniques and application preferences; so I figure you’re mostly interested in texture, wear and finish information, and I’m ready to tell ya. Let’s roll!

Au naturale multistick and lip gloss, Nui liquid eyeliner, Sappho New Paradigm vegan mascara
Au naturale, Nui, and Sappho New Paradigm products used to create both looks: easy to use, forgiving, delightful textures.


If you think pink grapefruit, you’re thinking in the right direction.

This colour is very complex and rich, with a little coral, pink, gold all blended together to create an ultra rosy, blush-like, bright veil of colour on your cheeks, lips, or lids.

The texture is pleasantly solid, not at all creamy or runny; once blended (and it blends perfectly), the multistick stays put — almost powdery to the touch, with a glowy, warm, subtly golden finish. Doesn’t need any setting/finishing products. Makes for a fantastic lip tint and a flattering eye colour as well. Absolutely marvellous! Where have it been all my life? When will it be distributed in Europe?

Fab fact: au naturale products are made using the good palm oil ingredients by Palm Done Right.


Wearing Nui liquid eyeliner, au naturale multistick and Sappho New Paradigm vegan mascara

Smells like actual passionfruit.

A warm, rich deep shade that I would call a combo of mauve and coral. Does it make any sense?

Both au naturale products have a wondrously complex pigmentation that defies simple descriptions. Suffice to say, the gloss is “my lips but better” material — an effect I’d have never expected from a colour of such warmth, let alone from a slightly metallic finish.

The gloss is non-sticky when applied, with a silky finish; wears off beautifully, becoming a tint as the hours pass.


Wearing Hiro 'Mango Tango' with NUI liquid eyeliner
EYELINER LOOK #2: CRAZY (…just add yellow pigment to the CLASSIC)

The Berlin-based brand’s first liquid eyeliner delivers on par with any conventional one, without the cons.

The colour is a deep, true, pure black; the texture is not runny and easy to distribute. The brush is really a soft felt tip that allows for fairly precise application. Very solid wear; stays put but is really easy to remove with an oil-based make-up remover and a warm, damp cloth.

Black eyeliner really works for everybody.
If you’re worried that black might be too harsh for you, try dabbing a neutral mineral eye shadow on top — it will soften and alter the colour, sometimes so much so that your black eyeliner will look like a different coloured product.  


Is this the mascara to end all mascaras?
Certainly it has the finest rubber brush with the cleanest, most economical product distribution I’ve ever seen in green make-up! When you pull out the brush, your first thought is “The brush is clean!” — only it isn’t. It’s evenly, finely covered with the smoothest mascara I’ve ever seen among “green” products since the arrival of Und Gretel.
Sappho’s is even better due to the gorgeous, state-of-the-art rubber brush.

I could rave on and on, my only wish now is that My Sappho release a purple version because I don’t do black mascara, yet am completely and utterly in love with this formula.


Hiro 'Mango Tango'
Dressing room still life featuring Hiro ‘Mango Tango’

One of the first products of the Berlin-based clean beauty make-up brand, the mineral shimmer in ‘Mango Tango’ is a true yellow with just a hint of shimmer, summery and bright. Applies dry or wet, blends with anything you want to blend it with (nail polish, powder, water, moisturiser — the sky’s the limit).

Hiro and Lily Lolo products mentioned/shown here are author’s own.
Nui, au naturale, My Saphho are press samples.


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