Hayfever + Make-Up? How I Manage To Look Professional (Despite My Runny Nose)

Looking professional is not easy with a runny nose. Mascara and lipstick are the first things to get ruined. Here are 5 time-tested hayfever season make-up tips.

“Ah, pollinosis!” — that’s what folks like me hear when somebody says “Ah, Spring!”

Tissues, medication, and a pair of sunglasses are your best friends when trying to look your best and to stop people from commenting on your misery.

There are also a few ways to distract the viewer from the latter using make-up. Additional bonus: make-up is known for its moodlifting properties.

Hayfever Make-Up, 5 Tips

Nice looking, naturally defined eye brows generally make anyone look more fresh, more focussed. And in particular somebody with red and teary eyes! — I’m using a Benecos brow pencil.

Whether adorned with a statement colour or simply groomed: there’s no arguing that manicured hands look polished and elegant, and make a fair impression. — Gitti water-based nail polish.

And I’m talking about a shortcut to achieving this trendy look. “Glass skin” is a complicated Korean skincare and make-up combo including a series of exfoliating, hydration and finally a touch of highlighter. Hydration during hayfever season asks for a soothing product or products appropriate for your skin type (I use Pure by Santaverde); and a gentle liquid highlighter. Softly tapped all over your face, it creates just the perfect level of a healthy, plump-looking illumination to help you look better. — Dr. Hauschka Limited Edition liquid highlighter.

Arms and shoulders or the legs — yay to a nice touch of glitzy tan! And yes, you heard me right. I said “glitzy” on purpose. I want shimmer, I want glitter, I want sparkles in the sun. Not the subtleness of the facial highlighter. You don’t want subtle here. (After all, you’re sneezing loud enough for all to hear.) — Couleur Caramel Illuminating Body Gel.

Redness fighting product #1 is a concealer, so nothing new here. Find one you can carry on you, and layer on with (clean) fingertips. Choose a soft, “pliable”, comfy and oil-based formula. You will wipe it off anyway, so there’s no use in finding a dry finish or waterproof product. — Hiro Cosmetics Space Balm.

Here you have it, my five best tips on looking your best despite hayfever.
Get well soon! 💚