Trusted Brands’ Beauty News In May

A new month of Green Beauty Treasures, a medley of the good, the clean, and the fabulous! With a pinch of Berlin and a fancy little giveaway.

Trusted Brands’ Beauty News

Abel Odor: A Swish Floral Number

Meet a new classic — Pink Iris, the latest addition to the Abel Odor range

A fresh opening with Sichuan (bless you!) pepper, fresh basil, raspberry leaves; a classy/classic heart of orris, rose, and jasmine; vanilla-musk drydown.
Available internationally: Abel Odor online shopAmazingy (sizes include a 1.8ml deluxe sample and 15 and 50 ml bottles).

1% of Pink Iris revenue goes to supporting Plastic Soup Foundation, a nonprofit tackling the issue of plastic pollution.

Photography: Abel Odor

Gitti: Inaugural Collection Sold Out

55% water, 120% fabulous

You might remember Gitti from our IBE Berlin review, and from an occasional story over on @beautycalypse Instagram page. Gitti is a Berlin-based brand of water-based, microplastic-free nail polish on the mission to create THE cleanest while a salon-worthy formula.

Their first collection launched May 1st sold out within hours, and everyone interested now has to get onto the mailing list for the second edition.

How good is it? I’ve been testing the nail polish for a while now. It really has no odour, the colour brilliance is tops, as is the stability of the formula. It dries quickly, and two coats give you salon-level coverage and a glossy finish. It wears well and feels like air on the fingernails. Removal is easy: wash your hands under warm water, then peel off the polish. The wear is 2 days, 3 days max. It can’t compete with conventional lacquers in terms of longevity. But with the founder Jenni’s wild determination, we might be headed there.


Clean Beauty Awards 2018: The Winners

The Clean Beauty Awards 2018 1st placements announced!

The winners of the Canada-based Clean Beauty Awards were announced end of April, and I’m stoked to see my personal favourites win (I had the honour to judge the lip care finalists):
Winner: C2 California Clean: Lip Conditioner (Vanilla)
First Runner-Up: C2 California Clean: Lip Conditioner (Peppermint)
Second Runner-up: Dr. Lipp: Original Nipple Balm for Dry Skin, Luscious Lips and Glossy Bits

100% Pure won the mascara and eyeliner categories, Inika pressed duo eye shadows won eye colour, check out the awards page to see if you can spot any of your green darlings or maybe discover anything new and glorious.

Photography: Clean Beauty Awards

Kjaer Weis: Two New Gloss Colours

Two new pinks for the cult lip gloss range

An editors’ fave since launching, a buyer’s fave since hitting the shelves, the non-sticky formula and the flattering palette of various nude-ish shades have made Kjaer Weis’ glosses a hit right away. Two new colours erring visibly on the side of pink have been added this Spring to delight those who prefer cooler colours: Admire (on the left, a light plum shade) and Intimate (true medium pink).

Photography: Kjaer Weis, composing BC

⭐️ Goldenglow: More Glow ⭐️

Instagram giveaway/ competition!

I’ve introduced the German organic brand’s beautiful cleansing gel, an alcohol-free toner, and a hydration booster serum in the April edition of the Trusted Brands’ Beauty News. Today is the time for a little recap and review:

The thick, nourishing texture of the Witch Hazel + Almond Cleansing Gel is a real treat. Removing make-up and leaving your face clean (not squeaky clean, just pleasantly clean) and hydrated, it has a balanced, pleasant combination of a gentle foam and a creamy remover. For a spa moment at the end or start of the day.

The Shea & Witch Hazel Toner delivers an even “micro shower” of product by pressing onto the spray head — a lovely, perfect dose of a hydrating mist to prep the skin for the moisturiser, or for the night’s rest if you fancy skipping nightcare (I know I like to do).

Finally, the Shea & Hyaluronic Booster is surprisingly thick in texture, and the first hyaluronic gel formula that does not call for an extra moisturiser.

Interested? Well, one lucky follower can grab the hydration boosting trio over at the @beautycalypse Instagram page. Long-time followers get an extra entry!


MyLily: Organic Tampons/Pads

Organic monthy hygiene — buy as is or subscribe!

A new German brand of monthly hygiene products (pads, liners, tampons, and cups), MyLily offer top organic quality in 100% plastic-free packaging and at fair prices.

Because female hygiene products are overtaxed in Germany and in several other countries — MyLily quote “19% for tampons, 7% for caviar” — the young company supports a relevant campaign and also strives to raise awareness for the topic.

Photography: MyLily

One For The Road: Berlin’s Beauty Walk

Fancy a beauty walk across Berlin?

BertaBerlin is a publisher of hidden-gem-filled foldable Berlin maps and a city walk host. Her second edition of the BeautyBerlin map will guide you to the Hauptstadt’s best kept beauty secrets and hot spots. Check it out or book a guided walk here.

Photography: Walk This Way

P.S. Speaking of Berlin discoveries… will I see you at this year’s Natural Cosmetics Conference in September?
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