Santaverde PURE Range Review + An Easter-licious Instagram Raffle

Santaverde PURE aloe vera based natural and organic skincare

[Giveaway] Based in Germany or Austria? Hop on over to @beautycalypse Instagram for a chance to win one of three fabulous Santaverde PURE skincare sets! 💚 Wer hat Lust, ein komplettes 5-teiliges Santaverde PURE Hautpflege-Set zu gewinnen? Drei davon verlosen wir gerade auf Instagram — hüpft mal schnell rüber.

An Easter-licious Insta Raffle

Santaverde PURE x BEAUTYCALYPSE Instagram-exclusive giveaway — Gewinnspiel für Leserinnen und Leser in Deutschland und Österreich.When I first started using Instagram, it was primarily to connect with people in my area of work (fellow bloggers, brands, agencies, associations). I was stoked when readers joined in later, so I began sharing behind-the-scenes that have no spot here, on the blogzine; sometimes videos (in stories); often brief, recent, Insta-exclusive mini-blog posts.

In order to say THANK YOU to those who already have re-discovered my work over there or are just joining in the fun, I’ve teamed up with Hamburg’s own Santaverde for the amazing giveaway: three lucky winners will receive a set of five PURE products — worth over €140 each.

And to understand what the range is about and how it can help your skin, read the review below.

Click on the giveaway image to the left to get transported directly to the raffle post, to see the rules and to enter. Good luck and see you there!

P.S. There are also international giveaways coming back, so no worries there. 

Santaverde PURE:
Full Range Review

The PURE range of products is designed specifically to soothe irritated skin and to calm inflammations.

Thanks to the brand’s signature aloe vera base and to a slew of skin-loving powerful, natural, botanical ingredients, the skin is left clean, hydrated, and protected — in particular, from visible scarring. Unscented and pure, PURE is ideal for skin that’s sensitive, or reactive, or both.

The range was released in two phases, Toner, Fluid, and Serum first; Cleanser and Anti-Spot Gel second. Together, they present a true palette of skincare solutions for everyone to pick their favourite(s) from, depending on your skin’s particular needs. 

Now, my personal skincare routine includes washing my face in the morning, followed up by toner and a facial oil (often argan-based) or a serum. In the evening, it’s make-up removal and an additional face wash for a thorough cleanse, then either nothing at all or a serum. Eye contour I often leave out — actually, I only ever apply eye contour products prior to and after some major make-up excesses that include some wear and tear for the sensitive area.

Santaverde PURE x BEAUTYCALYPSE Instagram-exclusive giveaway — Gewinnspiel für Leserinnen und Leser in Deutschland und Österreich.
The prize unboxed: Santaverde PURE x BEAUTYCALYPSE Instagram-exclusive giveaway for readers from Austria and Germany.

The PURE range fits beautifully into this routine. (I actually mix PURE with Xingu — here, the eye cream, the toner and the facial cleanser offer just enough extra boost to nourish my skin without being to heavy or too oily.) The PURE Cleanser foams ever so gently and leaves the skin pleasantly moisturised, think facial mist. The Toner, to me, is as potent as a liquid moisturiser really, and the Serum/Fluid choice sent me back to multimasking: if you can multimask, why not multi-moisturise, right?

Finally, the Anti-Spot Gel has been a lifesaver for me personally.
After a major sugar feast past Christmas (it’s really impossible to avoid all the treats without ending up a hermit, so yes, I do blame society, but I digress), my skin broke out along my right jawline and the front of the neck. Painful acne bumps, so awkward and impossible to hide it made me want to crawl under a rock, appeared and reappeared and reappeared. It was about that time when the Anti-Spot Gel was launched and I got to test it. I loved it so much, I’ve repurchased it for the third time already — now I don’t need it anymore, but it’s nice to know I have my secret weapon of acne mass destruction sit in my drawer.

This review is fully editorial and based on the usage of press samples as well as personally purchased products.


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