My Farfalla Moment 🦋 Butterfly Kisses Every Morning

My Farfalla Moment

[Sponsored] Instantly better skin and uplifted mood? If I were to limit my skincare rituals to a single one for the rest of my life, it would be this very simple and very powerful one.

There are so, so many great things we’re told to do on a daily basis to enhance our wellbeing and beauty that take “just 5 minutes” each, it can often feel they sum up to hours and hours of self-care. Which, in a perfect world, would be the best thing to indulge in all day, right?

Butterfly Kisses 🦋 Every Morning

My Farfalla Moment

Because there are quests and adventures awaiting every day, I tend to cherry-pick only the massively helpful or really time-saving practices, or practices with a multitude of benefits for my morning (and evening) routines. Dry brushing with essential oils is such a practice.

I have raved about the benefits of dry brushing — such as lymph system stimulation and the improvement of skin texture — in my comprehensive morning routine article, so let me just quickly say this:

Dry brushing with essential oils is very simple and has massive
benefits for our skin, our body and our brain. Performed before
taking a shower, it leaves your skin smooth and glowy, your
lymph system going, your senses awakened.

The best oils for dry brushing are those on the stimulating and invigorating spectrum: yarrow, eucalyptus, rosemary, cypress. Obviously you want to choose wisely and to make sure you have quality essential oils that are 100% natural, pure, and safe to use.

In case you’ve missed it: find all you need to know in our guide how to choose, use, and store essential oils.

My favourite essential oil in the moment is bergamot low in furocoumarin — it’s causing no photosensitivity, but offers that perfect elegance of a fine cup of Earl Grey tea, a sweet and delicate tartness that shakes up the senses and lifts the mood in the most delightful way.

Farfalla organic jojoba carrier oil, bergamot essential oil low in furocoumarinMY FAVOURITE DRY BRUSHING BLEND:
Bergamot has a fresh, tart, fruity and sweet fragrance with invigorating, relaxing and mood lifting properties.
Like lime, lemon and grapefruit, bergamot essential oil has naturally occurring furocumarins, photo-sensitising compounds.
 The low in furocoumarin Bergamot essential oil by Farfalla poses no photo-sensitising risks and is best applied diluted with a carrier oil (1-2 drops per 10 ml organic carrier oil).

A fantastic carrier oil for essential oil DIYs is organic jojoba: really a liquid plant wax, it has a beautifully lightweight texture, no intense smell to interfere with essential oils and is highly moisturising and tightening.

All you need to begin your daily dry brushing with essential oil routine is a body brush with natural bristles, a carrier oil and your favourite, high quality 100% natural essential oil.

Pour just a few drops of a carrier oil and one drop of essential oil into a small cup or right into the palm of your hand — you don’t want to cover your entire body with it for the purpose of dry brushing, you only need it to just coat the bristles. The brush should not be dripping with oil goodness: you just want the bristles to release enough essential oil to stimulate the lymph flow and the senses.

Don’t confuse dry brushing with deep tissue massage. Think gentle strokes, as soft as butterflies on your skin.

Dry brushing with essential oil. Farfalla Joy of Life (Lebensfreude)

Dry brushing is performed au naturel and always starts at your toes, and you need to be always moving towards your heart: so its upwards on your legs, lower back, belly, and your arms, but downwards on your neck, shoulders and dĂ©colletĂ©. Don’t massage your face.
Tip: because dry brushing has a peeling effect on your skin, you want to sit or stand on a towel.

BEAUTYCALYPSE My Farfalla Moment is a cooperation with Farfalla Natural Cosmetics, a green beauty and natural fragrance pioneer from Switzerland. The company has a vast knowledge in aromatherapy: essential oils and herbal extracts are used both in their BeautyCare and AromaCare products as well as in fragrances. In addition, Farfalla Academy offers intensive aromatherapeutic training.

The jojoba and bergamot mix is based on the original AromaCare Lebensfreude (Joy of Life) Uplift Oil recipe by Farfalla.


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