Organic Skincare For Men — With Floris van Onna | recomMENdations #14

My question whether or not you enjoy the recomMENdations series has yielded a 100% positive response — and a few of you suggested inviting male guests to talk about their routines. And you know what? Your wish is our command! Welcome our very first recomMENdations guest!  

“The best anti-aging products are sunscreens and a pair of sunglasses”, says Floris. Other than that, his skincare line-up is rather impressive.

Organic Skincare For Men:
recomMENdations With Floris van Onna

Q: Ok, Floris, spill it. What are your personal skincare faves or must-haves? 

Floris van Onna, 2019A: I don’t use much, but I do have some small issues, like a sensitive scalp that tends to dandruff. I need to be very careful with the shampoos I choose – if it’s too aggressive my skin immediately responds with flaking. It got really bad but now I have it pretty much under control. If you are interested, you can read more about how on Amazingy Magazine (in German, and here in English; editor’s note). The last time I got it badly was when I forgot shampoo and had to use hotel shampoo. Currently I am a big fan of the shampoo/showergel from Vivaiodays. It cleans well and smells nice and doesn’t upset my scalp at all. For styling I use Less is More’s Honeyway – this has a medium, natural looking hold and gives the hair a nice healthy shine.

In the evening, I use some pure organic rosehip seed oil. A one ingredient product that doesn’t irritate at all but does give a really healthly glow to the skin. Plus it’s chockful with Pro-vitamin A, mostly as beta-carotene. When used regularly this should help against wrinkles, and I can use that with 2 kids and being 42! Although IMO the best anti-aging products are sunscreens and a pair of sunglasses, which I almost always wear outside. The Rosehip oil from FYI Cosmetics is great. It’s extracted using the CO2 technique and comes in miron glass. And of course there is the classic one from Pai Skincare, which is also very good.

recomMENdations — with Floris van Onna

I hardly cleanse my face, because if I do I tend to get red flaky patches. However, sometimes you have to. I usually do this under the shower and then I like using Absolution’s cleanser called La Crème Douce Démaquillante. I know, who remembers that right? I also like Kahina Giving Beauty’s cleanser, but I tend to drop things in the shower so bringing glass in there is not a very good idea.
After showering my skin can be dry and a bit flaky, in which case I just use some pure organic jojoba oil or pure squalane. Or now when it’s sunny, I use an SPF moisturizing serum created myself, but is not available yet. Hopefully it will be from june on, the formula is finished, we just need to finalize the packaging. I also really like the serum crema with SPF from VIVE SANA though.

Oh I also use toothpaste of course, the one from Apeiron I really like, but in general I use whatever is there, including non-natural products cause tbh I’m still not sure if not using fluoride toothpastes at all is a good idea. which reminds me, I’ll have to dive into this some day.

Q: I actually use the Apeiron one myself, along with my Denttabs. What kind of skincare product are men swapping first, from your experience?

A: I have a lot of male friends asking me this, and I always tell them, if you only want to swap one thing, you should swap your deodorant. And most have done that. The one I recommend the most and use myself are Soapwalla’s and FYI Cosmetics Bergamot & Lime deo – this one really works great and smells nicely fresh and uplifting. The 2nd thing I think they switch is shampoo. Simply because all men use shampoo, and it’s an easy product to swap – natural shampoo’s are really great nowadays.

Q: What was your first „green“ product ever?

A: Pfew, I think this was Dr. Bronners Liquid Soap… or something from Dr. Alkaitis. I’m still a huge fan of his products. His eye cream is our bestselling product in the brick & mortar store in Berlin. It’s not as expensive as some other high end brands, but the ingredients are top notch and everyone who tries it buys it!

Q: What kind of sustainable product (or product category) in skincare/hair care/perfume for men are you missing/ one that should be created in perfect „green“ quality but doesn’t exist yet?

A: I’m not telling you because I’m creating it! Hopefully we will launch something in 2019 already, but it might become 2020 🙂

Floris van Onna is the co-founder of the Berlin-based organic beauty showroom and online shop Amazingy, and I’ve been following the Amazingy story right from the very beginning.
This feature is fully editorial and the links are non-affiliate. We love our local family-owned businesses 😉

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