IBE Berlin Highlights: This Cult Hair Care Brand Launches A “Shamanic” Perfume Oil

Welcome to part FIVE in our series dedicated to the finest gems spotted at the IBE Berlin. Let’s have a look at a perfume oil that’s absolutely intoxicating — in the best way possible — created by a brand we’ve come to love for their dedication to rainforest reservation and hair care excellence.


IBE Berlin 2019 Highlights

The latest addition to the Rahua range is the Palo Santo Oil Perfume: an aromatic blend of the eponymous holy wood essence with other pure and top quality plant oils.

If you’ve ever smelled Palo Santo wood burned, or even just know the smell of the fragrant wood itself, you know how sweet, cosy, soothing, even creamy this smell is. Palo Santo has been used by shamans and priests since the Incan era and believed and to heal the spirit and the body as well as to guard from evil.

With their new Palo Santo Oil Perfume Rahua venture into natural fragrance while staying true to their core values — finding, using and preserving the purest plant oils and essences.

Oil perfumes are applied to the so-called pulse points, the wrists, the neck, the backs of the knees where they do their aroma magic warmed up by our blood flow. Palo Santo Oil Perfume is sweet, gently woody with just a touch gardenia and citrus. Unisex of course! Packaged in a rollerball vial, it’s your practical aromatherapeutic amulet for the pocket.

The new oil perfume aligns perfectly with other Rahua products in terms of scent, creating an extra layer of delicate fragrance. It has already launched in the USA, and will soon be available in Europe (for example via Amazingy).

P.S. I hope you enjoy the IBE Berlin highlights as much as we did spotting them! Up next: organic skincare, the DIY way.

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