IBE Berlin Highlights: This Brand Has A Mission — To Create The World’s Cleanest Nail Polish

Welcome to part FOUR of our IBE Berlin finest finds! We’re playing at home today — with a Berlin-based company on the mission to completely reinvent nail polish and to create a 100% sustainable and ethical formula.

Indie Beauty Media have just published a piece in which they asked three buyers from European retailers — Jessica Schuddeboom (Beautsy, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and Paola Malaspina (The Beautyaholic’s Shop, based in Rome, Italy) —  which IBE Berlin products have stood out to them the most, and two of them have named gitti among a few other highlights.
But also fellow beauty bloggers have been raving since the IBE weekend.
So, do you fancy meeting gitti?


IBE Berlin 2019 Highlights

The sign at the IBE booth said it boldly and simply: the future of nail polish starts here. Wow, that’s a mouthful, right?

Screen siren red 02 and black cherry 03, gitti
Cool, screen siren red 02 and a delightful black cherry 03, gitti

We’ve seen many attempts at a cleaner product already. Some brands choose the path of stripping the conventional formula of toxins and questionnable ingredients going seven, eleven, X free; others try the water-based approach. But with microplastic here and petroleum-based synthetics there, the cleanest and even certified organic alternative so far was based on organic alcohol and shellack, thus not vegan-friendly and also not perfect in terms of texture and wear — you can look up this and more in my guide to tox-free nail polish.

Nath Fedorova, BEAUTYCALYPSE, with Jenni Baum, gitti
Yes, you *can* have a serious eco-ethical discussion about nail polish.

Now, what’s different with gitti is that its founders decided to create a nail polish from scratch.
The product is formulated and produced in Europe using state-of-the-art cruelty-free and sustainable methods.

gitti display at IBE Berlin 2019
Signal red 01 and the top/base coat, gitti

Water makes for 55% of the gitti formula, 15% is food grade viscosity control, 15% is “skincare” (I haven’t seen the full declarations labels, so quoting from the online product info), 10% is a non-microplastic yet in the moment synthetic filming agent, and 5% are preservatives that you need when working with a water-based product. I’m not sure where pigments sit in there and I lack this information. But keep in mind that gitti have been basically working on this formula non-stop in order to launch at IBE Berlin, so labelling might be adjusted or stated more precisely at a later time — and we’ll sure be on it because: what is more perfect that this clean formula for our Mudras & Mani series?

gitti will soon be available for purchase online, the inaugural collection spans a base/top coat and three brilliant shades of red with a beautifully glossy finish.

P.S. Next in the series: some holy wood.


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