IBE Berlin Highlights: This Cult Canadian Make-Up Brand Will Hit The Shelves In Germany/EU This Year

Sappho New Paradigm — IBE Berlin Green Beauty Highllights

It’s time to share with you some of the finest gems from the first IBE Berlin! And we’re starting this mini series with a truly amazing brand of clean, vegan-friendly, conscious and gorgeous decorative cosmetics that has cult status at home in Canada.

Sappho New Paradigm — IBE Berlin Green Beauty Highllights

As mentioned in the IBE Berlin review earlier, I was positively surprised by just how many fantastic green beauty companies were among the exhibitors. Indie doesn’t necessarily equal sustainable, does it? But in this particular case, indie was quite green indeed.

Sappho New Paradigm

IBE Berlin 2019 Highlights

Sappho New Paradigm — IBE Berlin Green Beauty Highllights
Ingredient talk at the Sappho New Paradigm booth, IBE Berlin 2019

Now, many of my readers are from Canada and many from the US, from the UK, and from Australia — hi gorgeous! (I’m actually waving at the screen right now if you can’t tell) — and all of you are lucky for having had access to Sappho New Paradigm make-up for a couple of years.

I was finally able to swatch and to play around with the Sappho products at the expo grounds, and was delighted to learn that in the course of 2019, the complete range of over 80 products will be availabe for green beauty aficionadas in continental Europe.

Sappho New Paradigm — Products at Display, IBE Berlin 2019

Sappho New Paradigm — IBE Berlin Green Beauty HighllightsThe company was founded in 2016 by JoAnn Fowler, an Emmy nominated make-up artist with the most impressive line of work. If you’re interested in amazing clean make-up, hers is a name you know. Sappho’s product range and colour range are absolutely gorgeous, as you can imagine — it’s been created by a professional passionate for making the best, the healthiest and the most sustainable choices. The very story of how Sappho came to be is an impressive case of persistence, strength and great integrity in itself.

In an interview with Canada’s leading online address for green beauty shopping, Clementine Fields in June 2018, JoAnn Fowler shared this thought that truly made me want to meet her one day:

New Paradigm is my apology and offering to the new generation – my generation is leaving you a world that is full of plastic and petrochemicals, hate and greed. Sappho’s ethos and promise is to get greener as we grow, to work towards a company that is sustainable in all ways. In my life there is no such thing as “just business” and when I buy green I am willfully supporting the feminist agenda – that of saving the world despite the patriarchy.”


Now, who else can’t wait to get her hands on the stunning colours and textures come autumn?

P.S. What will our next highlight be? I’ll give you a cue: it has to do with natural Q10.


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