Trusted Brands’ Beauty News In March

A new month of Green Beauty Treasures: award-winning perfume + + + exotic colours + + +  tender textures + + + clear skin helpers.

Trusted Brands’ Beauty News

AER: Celebrating Excellence

Winning — AER Scents won 2 Beauty Shortlist Awards for 2019

You’ve heard me roar rave about this independent, Berlin-based perfume house creating the most beautiful, magnetic 100% botanical and natural perfumes for a while now.

With inaugural four fragrances (now slightly overhauled into utter perfection) and two briliant 2019 launches, AER have now quite a range for a knowledgeable perfume aficionado/aficionada to pick from.

I’m sure the fan base will grow even more now that AER won two Beauty Shortlist Awards for AER Accord No. 04: Cedar (Best Men’s Fragrance) and AER Accord No. 01: Nagarmotha (Editor’s Choice). Woooo-hoooo!!!

Photography: AER Scents

Couleur Caramel: Welcome to Medina

“Medina” — the warm Spring-Summer 2019 look

The look products include a tinted moisturiser, two powder palettes, three mini eye shadows, four Twist & Eyes sticks, four lipsticks, one gloss and an illuminating body gel. I’m partial to body glitz, so behold my favourite:

Bronzing body products are my personal highlight when it comes to summer make-up: they are my way of doing tan. So much so that one of the all-time readers’ faves is the bronzing oil DIY from BEAUTYCALYPSE’s first or maybe second year.

But also the powder palettes are super cute and suitable for different skin tones, here you see ‘Bahia’ on the left and ‘El Badi’ on the right in all their peachy resp. caramel-coloured glory.

Photography: Couleur Caramel, composed by BEAUTYCALYPSE

Dr. Hauschka LE: ‘High Spirits’

High Five? — High Five!

Five limited products enter the make-up range of the German green beauty bedrock: the Bronzing Glow Powder, two colour combos of the Eye Crayon Duo (Petrol-Copper and Green-Mother-of-Pearl) and two colours of the Liquid Lip Colour, Pink and Coral.

By their dynamic calligraphic packaging you will know them:

Photography: Dr. Hauschka

Five: New Serum

Speaking of Five…

Specialising in vegan-friendly organic skincare with minimalistic formulas (only up to five ingredients per product, hence the name of the brand), Five have just introduced their first face serum.

As versatile as all of its predecessors, the new moisturising powerhouse works for any skin type and blends with other Five products, existing and soon-to-be-launched. The ingredients are: organic rose water, lactobacillus ferment, organic glycerin, hyaluronic acid, L-arginine.

Photography: Five

Hiro: Your Additive-Free Colour Make-Up

It’s hee-ró, not “hero”

The young (founded in 2011) Berlin-based beauty brand is known for two things: crazy mineral colours and beautifying complexion products.

Their new mineral powder blush — no additives, just pigment — ‘In the Flash’ is the green beauty’s answer to a cult and cheek colour with a cheeky name. You know what I’m talking about 😉

‘In the Flash’ is a seemingly neutral, bright, juicy petal pink with a warm, golden iridiscence that looks incredible on just about everyone. I find the colour highly compatible with the gentle trend make-ups from Korea and Japan. Remember, this is a no-filler product, so a little will go a looooooooong, loooong way.

100% natural, vegan-friendly, waterproof and matt — what more do you want from a modern eye pencil? I’ll go out on a limb and say: more colour options? But seriously, a brown (‘Achromatic’) and a black (‘Pitch’) pencil are basics you’ll always need, so I’ll take both please.

Also ‘Pitch’ would make for a cool gift for that girlfriend of yours working in pr, press, or advertising.

Photography: Hiro, composed by BEAUTYCALYPSE


Rahua: Smoothing Hair Balm

Smooth operator *swoons*

I’ve said it last summer and I’ll say it again: for a while now Rahua have been outdoing themselves with each new launch.

If you think their new Smoothing Hair Balm is yet another hair wax or a greasy cream, think again.

This gardenia-scented, peach-coloured and sinfully silky balm makes your tresses soft, shiny and manageable in a second. No heaviness, no grease. Flyaways are tamed, the lengths are protected, and the application is a pleasure due to the excitingly light melt of the balm. Can be re-applied during the day.

Photography: Rahua, composed by BEAUTYCALYPSE


Santaverde: Bye-Bye, Spots

Two new products for the Pure range

A new solution for blemish control — the new Purifying Cleanser and the Anti-Spot Gel by Santaverde contribute to a healthier, clearer skin.

The oil-free Purifying Cleanser deeply cleanses, hydrates and soothes with aloe vera juice, seaweed extract, rosemary hydrolate, pansy blossom extract and salicylic acid (willow bark). Tip: it doubles as a shaving gel for men.

Zinc, pansy blossom extract and salicylic acid (willow bark) in the Anti-Spot Gel formula calm your skin and support regeneration. Aloe vera juice and rosehip kernel oil help prevent scarring.

Photography: Santaverde, composed by BEAUTYCALYPSE


Weleda: Skin Food Range Extension

More skin food!

Weleda’s holistic and versatile Skin Food cream (born in 1926) is not alone anymore. With an ultra-hydrating light version, a vegan-friendly, rich body butter suitably presented in a jar, and a lip butter with a gentle glossy finish, there’s now catering to the different needs of “hungry” and “thirsty” skin.

Photography: Weleda




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