New Format: The Feedback Day

Because comments remain closed for now, and not all of you are enthusiastic about using social media, I want to invite feedback regularly on the last day of the month. And I need your feedback — to make the content uber-useful for you.

The Feedback Day

Introducing the Feedback DayIn the past, we’ve tested this approach by asking for and receiving feedback on the recomMENdations series in December — and I want to thank everyone who answered back then from the bottom of my heart. Your answers were super helpful (spoiler: the series returns in February, maintaining this past year’s frequency of bi-monthly releases)!

The Feedback Day as I imagine it will run for three months as a test, and then — then we’ll see. It will give me the opportunity to hear from you, and you can rate the month’s content and help me adjust my content planning to meet your needs better.

Pros: it takes you less time than engaging via comments but it keeps our connection alive.
Cons: there’s no raffle attached, it’s just a brief and honest conversation.

The First Feedback Day

And today I’d like to address the duality of you, my dear green gang, the BEAUTYCALYPSE audience.

We have consumers, informed, interested, critical, on one hand and we have (sustainable) lifestyle industry professionals, journalists and bloggers on the other. I think it’s brilliant and makes for a unique community. However, this also makes choosing topics quite hard.

Of course, in the end we’re all conscious consumers interested in ethical product choices and healthy lifestyle habits… But only professionals are interested in articles on content marketing, blogger cooperations or social media. Or not? Do you like insights like those?

Well, we’re going to find out now!

Thank you very much 🙂




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