Make The Festive Magic Last With These Sustainable Home Decor Tips

January, February… Oh the contrast between those festive days in December and the drab and grey rest of the season! Three simple and sustainable decor tips to infuse the dark season with magic and light.

Make The Festive Magic Last

Sustainable Home Decor Tips

Truth be told, I have a strange relationship with Winter. When I think about Winter, my mind paints images of snowy landscapes and blinding sunlight by day or of snowflakes glistening like diamonds at night… icy air pinching my nose. The crisp freshness of the wind in the morning. The cosy nights at home, curled up by the fire, reading a book. Images that are, in fact, childhood memories.

The reality however is a city that almost only knows a thin lacy veil of feeble, tentative, greyish snow by day, dull pale purple darkness and a sky stripped of stars by night. Sparkling snowflakes? “We don’t do sparkling, honey. Sincerely, Berlin.”

But hey, necessity begets ingenuity. Here are three of my favourite, sustainable, and super simple ways to defeat darkness with a cosy home filled with seasonal magic and light!

It’s In The Shape: “Star-Light”

Two years ago we found a set of wooden lamps with star-shaped paper lampshades, fitted the lamps with programmable LEDs and resolved to unpack them every year in November and to pack them away every year in March (intentionally blurry photo above).

This small alteration to the usual home décor doesn’t have to stop at or include just the lighting. You can pick home textiles — curtains, deco pillows, plaids — or even tableware (we do have snowflake-patterned tea and coffee cups) with a wintery theme to add the special touch to your home.

Returning to the same items every season will also diminish the need to buy short-lived or plastic decorations and add a beautiful, cosy ritual to your life you can look forward to once Summer starts to fade away.

Eco-Friendly: LED fairy lights
Golden LED fairy lighs wrapped along a piece of furniture.

Eco-Friendly: LED fairy lights

LED fairy lights don’t look that sustainable at first, but consider their amazing lifetime and the low energy cost when comparing them to “conventional” fairy lights or even candles. They are also a safer option because, unlike incandescent bulbs, they won’t burn out or get hot.

Available in a range of colours from fun and multicoloured to that perfect warm golden light, it’s also possible to look for and find products made in a sustainable manner.

So, if you swapped them this season, don’t hurry to pack them away. Tuck them into vases, drape them around pieces of furniture, around mirrors, along the banisters and so on (again: LEDs won’t get hot, but consider reading the individual user manual anyway).

Instant Sparkle: Ornaments
Icy beauty: handmade glass ornament, made in Europe, Grüne Erde.

Instant Sparkle: Ornaments

Who said these are exclusive to the Christmas days? No. One. Ever.

Snowflakes, star shapes made of glass or beads make for amazing wintery decorations. We leave ours attached to overhead lights, standard lamps, curtain rods and the likes. Whenever the natural or artificial light hits these gems, instant sparkle is guaranteed.

How do you add a bit of spark to your home?
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*PIN ME* Winter Home Décor: LIGHT MAGIC! 3 Sustainable Tips


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