Premium Exhibitions & Panorama January 2019: Ethical Lingerie

Let’s focus on a particular highlight you’re bound to love — ethical lingerie.

I know most of you are not here for streetwear and sneakers (unless the latter are worn in an unconventional and elegant way), so I’ll just mention where you are more likely to find streetwear brands. While Kuyichi, Mud Jeans or Veja chose the Seek show others like Bleed, Melawear, Ecoalf, or nat-2 exhibited at the Neonyt. Ecoalf also had a highlights booth at the Premium fair, and hosted two talks in the Kühlhaus, another exhibition space at the Premium grounds. Armedangels, otherwise found at both Neonyt and Premium, hosted a pop-up event to showcase their new #DetoxDenim collection directly to consumers. Fair fashion the Berlin way — each to their liking!

There are three things that are really hard to pull off in a 100% eco-friendly way: functional and outdoor wear; lingerie and hosiery. Think of them as the “cleanest” nail polish of the fair fashion world — highly desireable, wanted by consumers, just not completely 100% green yet. Even the reason is not entirely different, as it all comes down to the use of non-degradable and often harmful raw materials, to put it briefly. Here are three highlights that caught my eye this season in particular.

Ethical Lingerie Faves,
Fashion Week Berlin

Swedish Stockings

The Swedish Stockings brand have a mission. Their mission is to reshape the hosiery industry by cleaning up the manufacturing process and by recycling old stockings into an industrial product, as a true recycling into new, usable fibres is not technically possible yet. Consumers who send their old hosiery to one of the two Swedish Stockings recycing plants (one in Sweden, one in the US) receive discount codes for shopping with the brand. Talking about taking a green swap!
Check out their website for detailed info on the Swedish Stockings recycling club.


I’ve been watching the boutique Danish brand for more than a couple of seasons now.
What started out as a side hustle started by three friends, has now grown to be an ethical lingerie, swimwear and loungewear company with stockists all over the globe, with a lot of amazing progress in terms of sustainability.
In the moment, their choice of fabrics includes organic cotton, recycled polyester, lyocell, recycled wool, and milk fibre; their certifications — GOTS, GRS, and the Peta certification.
The styles are absolutely smashing with delicate lace, sophisticated cuts, and truly flattering shapes and colours. Detailed sizing charts make online shopping more safe and thus, more sustainable as well.
Check out their website for more info regarding Underprotection materials and production.
The opener image was taken at the Underprotection booth at the Premium fair.


While pieces from their ready to wear colleciton were part of the Neonyt editorial fashion show and of the blogger-oriented PrePeek event, the brand new intimates collection featuring what Lovejoi tout as the “most organic bra cup ever” was shown at the Panorama trade fair.
You can sneak peeks of the beautiful Lovjoi lingerie at Lovjoi Instagram and…

…watch this space for more lingerie features in the course of the coming weeks and months 😉



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