Winter Update: 5 Effective Skincare Tweaks For Colder Days (No New Products Needed!)

When the temperatures drop, often the simplest tweaks are enough to bring about really good results for healthy skin and hair.

Winter Problem #1: Dry & Itchy Scalp

Beanies and dry air indoors wreak some havoc on our skin, and the scalp is no exception.

One of the easiest ways to fix this is a) to wash your hair less often — washing and blow-drying are quite drying — while choosing mild, hydrating formulas (Rahua Hydration shampoo and conditioner are not moving out of my bathroom anytime soon) and b) spray on some hydrating facial toner you’re already using on your face.
It should be free from alcohol and glycerin, and err on the acidic side of things, as our hair roots have a lower pH value than our skin surface.

Winter Problem #2: Dry Skin

Water-based moisturisers, lip products, skin creams and Co. are not your friends when the temp drops below zero*. Water turns to ice when it’s cold, right? While the process on the surface of the skin is slightly more complex, oil-based skin protecion is not a secret in countries where it gets really cold during winter months.
To nourish skin prone to dryness and exposed to the weather — hands, face — choose water-free formulations.

*Celsius 😉

Winter Problem #3: Jawline Breakouts

If you experience a recurring jawline breakout since you’re wrapping yourself in that cool scarf…


Yup. Don’t forget that clothes that our daily in contact with our skin are not made to be worn day in, day out without changing.
Somehow we do get this when it comes to underwear, but I’ve seen people wear the same pair of gloves and the same scarf for weeks if not months, and wonder where all the breakouts came from.
Prevention rules, folks! 😉

If the damage is already done, target the breakout area with a gentle, hydrating peeling or resurfacing mask.
Make sure to not use the mask on dry areas of your face if not necessary.

Winter Problem #4: Rough Skin, Clogged Pores

Our skin get naturally “thicker” when exposed to cold and wind: it protects itself. So it’s not a particularly fabulous idea to scrub off everything.

It may be enough to gently soften your skin by cleansing your face with an oil cleanser and a soft towel soaked in lukewarm water. Musselin tissues will be too harsh, but a facial towel is just about perfect.
Don’t rub too much, just let the texture do its job as gently as possible.

Winter Problem #5: Dry & Brittle Hair Ends

Yes, you can have shiny hair in winter!

After washing your hair, knead the very ends while still damp — those that tend to look like plastic wire after a few days — with just a couple drops of your favourite light skincare oil.
If you’re already using a hair oil, the better. Work the oil into the lengths and blow-dry.

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Winter Update: 5 Effective Skincare Tweaks For Colder Days (No New Products Needed!) Here: Vestige Verdant oil serum, oil cleansing the face


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