Trusted Brands’ Beauty News x Celebrating The Green Community

Slowing down? Yes, glowing down. Because we already covered most festive new green beauty launches in the November edition, December news comes with a good dose of community celebration. Intrigued? You should be!

“I would rather walk
with a friend in the dark,
than alone in the light.”

― Helen Keller

Celebrating The Community
Beauty News

💚Birthday Love:
Green Beauty Blog Autumn Birthdays

Let’s start with a little celebratory note and a shout-out to some of my favourite people’s blogs. There are many voices out there in the green “scene”, also: green is in these days, but few do a great job at adding an actually helpful or original twist to the discussion. Also disclaimer: I might have missed some big dates from my fave bloggers, but then I suppose they were either a little too sneaky with their blog’s b’days, or I simply missed it because — duh 😉

Dunja making puns and faces. © Powder-paper.com2 YEARS! She didn’t really celebrate, but I remember how Powderpaper launched in November 2016 with stunning photography and snappy captions.
Dunja is a photographer by trade which kind of explains why her blog and Instagram give off the impression of a wild, bright and pretty child. Juicy beauty looks, routines galore, and irony are Powderpaper’s unrivalled forte.
The blog is bilingual, German and English.

Hot pink is always a good idea. @ Smells Like A Green Spirit5 YEARS! Smells Like A Green Spirit is a Luxembourg-based green lifestyle hub.
In case punk rock is not your jam and you couldn’t tell from the blog name (hint: it’s a reference to a very, very popular Nirvana song), its founder and author has a subtle, geeky sense of humour that cracks you up sneakily with many enlightening “Oh!” moments. You will know Liz from several appearances on BEAUTYCALYPSE, most recently from the Green Beauty Faves interview in which she shared her best finds and talked about what’s challenging in the world of green beauty. Spoiler: plastic.
Liz blogs in English, but you can chat with her in French or German over on her blog or on her Liz the Green Spirit Instagram.

A rare selfie. © Beautyjagd.de8 YEARS! Julia is one of Germany’s first sustainability-oriented bloggers and certainly one of the very few who made blogging their full-time job.
BEAUTYCALYPSE readers will remember Julia’s valuable, no-BS insights on the business of, which cleverly translates as beauty hunt, stands out with in-depth reviews, beauty industry information, lots and lots of link love across the green blogosphere, and of course many, many beauty-related travel impressions, mostly from Asia and France. What’s not to love!?
Also: English speakers can head straight for the Beautyjagd English language compilation page — prepare to binge-read.

Kathrin with wings. @ echtKATHRIN9 YEARS! Kathrin of echtKATHRIN started blogging about cruelty-free beauty in 2009, and although her blog is not her main job, she brings a lot to the table: experience, common sense, wicked humour and a biting dose of realism.
“Echt” is German for real and really, so there you have it — a name that fits like a glove.
Yoga, fair fashion, mindful living, vegan-friendly and green beauty: the blog formerly known as “ein bisschen vegan” (a little vegan) has quite a lot to offer.
English speakers check out Kathrin’s Instagram where she usually writes in both English and German.

Images: Powderpaper, Smells Like A Green Spirit, Beautyjagd, echtKATHRIN.

Here’s to many, many happy returns, ladies! 

AER Giveaway Recap:
Perfume Lovers United

And the community — the #GreenGang — celebration goes on!

A huge thank you to everyone who entered the amazing natural perfume giveaway we hosted together with AER Scents, a Berlin-based all-natural niche perfume house.

We were amazed by the very amount of detail in your stories related to Cedar scents — which you had to share in order to enter. Stories of passion for perfume, of spirituality, of healing, childhood memories and otherworldly fantasy. Thank you for many intense and beautiful moments. Thank you very much for participating!

“The smell of cedar has an aura somewhere between Hogwarts library, the Shire, and a walk in the woods.”
— Petra,
AER x BEAUTYCALYPSE Giveaway winner

AER Accord No. 4: Cedar, @ beautycalypse studioIsn’t this statement (that we were kindly allowed to publish) just… everything?

Some readers expressed the desire to switch from conventional to natural perfume, a desire we completely understand. Perfume means so much: living memory, art, expression of self, a treat, a luxury, a statement, a story to bond over… Perfume can be a stop sign or seductive allure, a little ray of sunshine on a dull and drab day, a signature that’s a part of you — your fragrant shadow. It can be loud and bold or intimate and cosy. So why should it be filled with questionnable, toxic even, ingredients? There is absolutely no reason, as brands like AER are so brilliantly proving.

A lilttle side note before we wrap up on the amazing giveaway. Sadly, some seem to have not read the giveaway rules properly, and were either not eligible or didn’t follow all the steps. This totally broke my heart, but rules are always there for a reason.
Please make sure to fix that for upcoming giveaways: for any of them you need to be subscribed to BEAUTYCALYPSE post alerts via the widget in the right column. Bloglovin and any other readers do not count.
Here is an article in which I explain in depth why it’s important.

Thank you — we love you, #greengang!

Telluride Glow:
Snow Rose Powder (Active Recovery Mask)

New: Telluride Glow: Snow Rose Powder (Active Recovery Mask)And now onto a little bit of green beauty newness.

You surely remember the amber-coloured Alpine Pure Oil I was raving about back in 2016? The Colorado-based brand is a one woman show, and oh my, what a woman and what a show!

Mary Alice has started Telluride Glow out of a DIY facial oil she desperately needed in the new-to-her climate she found herself in after retirement. As gorgeous as Colorado is, the weather can wreck some havoc on your skin. The first product, the aforementioned Alpine Pure Oil, took several years to become the wonder serum it was at launch and remains to this day: a synergetic, lightweight oil brimming with actives and fragrant aromatherepeutic essences to boot.

Everything about Mary Alice’s endeavours is unapologetic, as she’s constantly looking to outbest herself. So it took her another couple years to launch the brand’s second product: a powder mask.

The mask is a blend of white clay with powder extracts of precious Damask rose, sugar, snow mushroom, chamomile, marshmallow root, willow bark, horsetail, mullein, white pine bark, aspen bark and vanilla bean. Ingredients are either certified organic or wild-harvested. I’m yet to try it, but just reading the ingredients list I know I can trust Mary Alice to have whipped up something outstanding.

50 g, $75.
Image: Telluride Glow.

Anti-Aging Day & Night Creams

There wasn’t as much raving for a body lotion in la casa BEAUTYCALYPSE since Rahua launched their body range. And then came the Shea & Argan Lotion by the German brand Goldenglow. Dry winter skin’s soothing heaven, blissfully and naturally scented with Neroli. While Rahua is still a staple, particulary when travelling, the Goldenglow lotion is a home SPA fixture. The heavy glass jar with a touch of gold, the swish bamboo spatula…

But I digress, since Goldenglow have just introduced two new products:

New: Goldenglow Anti-Aging Day & Night Creams

Shea butter is blended with nourishing, soothing oils of avocado, amaranth, almond and jojoba as well as with hyaluronic acid — just in time for cold winter days.

50 ml, €59/ €64 (night).
Image: Goldenglow, composing: Beautycalypse.