“Educating people can be both frustrating and rewarding” – Sarah’s Green Beauty Favourites

Ah, traditions! The first Sunday of a month is reserved for sneaking a peek at other people’s green beauty favourites. Our guest today has access to the hottest of the hottest in natural and organic skincare and beauty. Curious to learn what she uses on a daily basis?

Welcome back to Green Beauty Faves!

Meet Sarah,
PR & Marketing Angel at Amazingy

Sarah Khurhid, photgraphy by Nora HeinischThe Green Favourites series pictures the personal choices of individuals all over the world. All are on different stages on their path to the perfect green beauty case; some of them — like our today’s guest — even work in the beauty industry. Having high standards in regards of quality and performance comes naturally for them.

Today, please meet Sarah Khurshid, literature student, PR & marketing pro at Amazingy, Berlin’s own green beauty hub.

Big-hearted, determined, and honest, Sarah is one of those bright Millennial women who give you hopes for the next generation. She’s passionate about sustainable and healthy choices that go far, far beyond skin-deep —  think green cause’s “proud Gryffindor” (to quote Sarah’s Insta bio). Her interests range from literature and geek lore to an obsession with skincare ingredients and niche fragrances, so we were thrilled to hear her share her green beauty favourites with us, knowing that it would be quite an experience with a lot of extra information and some very straight talk.


“Working in Germany’s Green Beauty Mecca namely Amazingy can be a blessing and a curse at the same time: I get to know the latest products first hand but I also get easily lost in the mass of new releases.

That’s why sizing down my cabinet, or rather top shelf to make it sound more contemporary, has evolved to a major task in my work life. With no further ado, let me show you a compilation of my hero products. Those are the products I have been using religiously the last couple months.

Lois Lee Skincare – Beauty Stone

First things first, the Gua Sha technique that is conquering our bathrooms: the girls at the Amazingy Office are already fully committed.

After a palate surgery, I was a swollen mess and the massage helped me tremendously to depuff my face. I could see a difference after each facial massage. Since then, I ALWAYS make room in the evening for a small Gua Sha massage. Even if it is only a minute.
Because let’s be realistic: All of you reading this have enough time at hand to also squeeze in a one-minute mini-facial into your evening routine. Unless you have to tend to others aka have children or other responsibilities needing your undivided attention. You are just somewhat lazy, not-in-the-mood, cannot be bothered? Excuses.
Taking time for YOURSELF is really something you have to commit to. If you are not willing to do it who else should be doing it? Self-love starting right here, right now.

And also: Stop complaining about your busy life. You are not busy, Susan, you are just lazy.

If you are looking for a more lifting effect, I highly recommend the Amazingy Rosequartz Gua Sha Stone. Swift upward movements from across your cheeks defy gravity and give your complexion a rosy glow. In my opinion, the shape of the Amazingy one is better suited for that whereas the Lois Lee has the perfect shape for my swollen cheekbones.

Sarah's green beauty favourites: Gua sha by Lois Lee, Rahua Enchanted Island Salt Spray, Leahlani Honey Love, Votary Hydrating Body Oil. Photography: Sarah Khurshid

LEAHLANI Skincare – Honey Love

The weather is one mess and I hated the Berlin summer heat BS. So did my face.
Finally, we entered autumn/ winter but my skin being the dramatic bitch it is likes to drive me crazy with SUPER dry chapped lips, dry patches and enlarged pores around the nose but clogged pores around my chin. Insert Honey Love.
The finely milled crystals work like a microdermabrasion. The Hawaiian raw honey nourishes my skin deeply – Hi, smooth and rosy skin. Long time no see! Please stay forever.

Honey Love can be used as a cleanser, mask and exfoliator though I use it as an exfoliator and mask most of the time, maximum twice a week. Sometimes a third time on particular areas that need extra shedding of dead skin cells. P.S Winnie the Pooh would devour the whole pot as it smells deliciously sweet.

Rahua – Sea Salt Spray

I am growing out my hair. Yes, no more lobs and bobs. Actually, it is Nath who is giving me a hard time staying true to my resolution since she scouted her new hairstyle which I love insanely. The minute I saw her I was fascinated.

Since I want to maintain a kind of stylish appearance hair-wise, I am using Rahua’s Sea Salt Spray to lead my thoughts astray from booking an appointment at my trusted hairdresser. It helps since the smell is wonderful and I love how it gives my hair this out-of-bed look, making it crunchy and ruffled.

VOTARY – Body Oil

A lot of us give a lot of care and attention to our faces but completely forget about our bodies, especially in winter since we wear longsleeves anyways, right?

Well, that is true but should we only care about our body when someone else sees it or should we do it for ourselves? Rhethorical question.

Having extremely dehydrated and dry skin I give it some love with Votary’s Body Oil. The earthy and invigorating smell makes the little massage I give my legs and arms an extra treat to look forward to.

I just realized that, apart from their performance, the Unique Selling Point of each product I mentioned is the scent. I see a pattern.

Another love of mine are Makeup products.

Sarah's green beauty favourites — make-up by Hiro, rms, ILIA beauty, Absolution, Kjaer Weis. Image: Sarah Khurshid.
HIRO, Kjaer Weis, ILIA Beauty, Absolution or Kosas never fail to impress me.

ILIA Beauty’s Mascara makes my lashes go from zero to hero and their nude lipsticks are the most beautiful in the industry.

Absolution managed to get me hooked on the cat-eye look with their liquid eyeliner. Their correcteur makes me look like I have actually slept even though I didn’t.

HIRO’s Pressed Eyeshadows, Mascara and Space Balm are stunning and in use every. Damn. Day.

Sarah models metallic red eye shadow for Amazingy Mag
Sarah models metallic red eye shadow for Amazingy Mag

Kjaer Weis makes the best cream highlighters and blushes, hands-on.

On lazy days I use the Luminizer Quad by rms Beauty and act as if I wasn’t lazy putting on any makeup but I am actually scouting any highlighter trend that is en vogue atm. Makeup is so much fun. Especially natural makeup since the purpose is not to hide your face but accentuate your already apparent beauty.”


“I still find it difficult to find potent Vitamin C/ brightening serums. I do like the Kahina Giving Beauty one. Its performance is unrivalled up until now in the green beauty sector but I am still looking for one with a less heavy price tag I can use on a daily basis, like a tonic. The Resurfacing Serum by Tata Harper caught my fancy as well but might be a liiiiittle too weak for my skin which by now is used to a little bit of acids. I am very curious what the green beauty industry has in store for us.

Finding pressed powder blushes/ highlighter and bronzers is still a tedious task. I mean something that glides on like a dream, effortlessly, without being blotchy. Maybe it is time to come up with something by myself? ;D

Another challenge which doesn’t include the consumption of new products is to educate people and customers about why to go cruelty free and ethical.
A lot of people do not even think about sacrificing financial resources for the healthier choice – for the body and the planet. Some don’t even know about the possibilities.

Educating and informing people about the big Why is very challenging, sometimes frustrating, but often rewarding since I can learn more about myself, the industry, the society and various standpoints.

Not a challenge but SUPER annoying is green washing.

Make a package out of some grey-ish paper that looks recycled, use some shades of green (or go full hipster-minimalistic), say something vague and/or ambiguous about the product being natural or green and put shitloads of money into marketing – et voilà people believe it is “good” as in safe to use. Brands that so blatantly lie to their customers – more specifically marketing and PR people – are the worst to me. Annoying shits. Mind you, I am a PR manager myself but would never recommend you guys to buy stuff just for mere profit. If I ever have to do that I might as well change jobs.

I often recommend to not buy anything at all and have fun with your products at home but if you feel like treating yourself – do it with a clear conscience.”


“When doing interviews, Nath always asks the critical questions no one dares to ask. Her Trusted Brands really can be trusted; her Reviews are thorough and well researched and I ADORE any posts related to fantasy, books, or festivities like Halloween.”

– By Sarah Khurshid.

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Wow, you’ve just transformed a few lazy Susans into self-care heroes.
Thank you, Sarah! 


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