Organic Skincare For Men: The Jade Mace | recomMENdations #12

Gentlemen, how about taking your natural skincare to the next level? May I introduce: the spiky jade roller or, as I prefer to call it in my gamer mind, the Mace of Jade.

Organic Skincare For Men:
The Jade Mace aka the spiked jade roller

In case you haven’t taken any notice: the ancient beauty tools like the jade and rosequartz rollers are all the craze right now (read: all over Pinterest and Instagram), but here’s a rather violent-looking one that, this I promise, feels as stimulating as you’d expect from a massage roller. Behold the spiked jade roller:

The Jade Mace aka the spiked jade roller

And no worries, the little spikes will not hurt the skin as the rotating head rolls across your skin with the amazing off-road-esque grip. While the very mechanics of this gemstone derma roller are very basic — think paint roller of sorts — it’s the massage element that truly works, whether you’re into crystals and their alleged magic or not.

The spiky end of the handle is designed for advanced users who can (gently!) press it against trigger points. If you’re into that, holistic beauticians and facialists suggest to press it against acupressure points on your palms.

So, how do you use it exactly?

Always use your Mace of Jade on clean (= washed and dry) skin.

⭐️ To activate lymph drainage in the morning, roll from the centre outwards and then downwards to the neck and shoulders: so first a couple strokes on your forehead, then nose and cheeks, then mouth and jaw, until finally along the jawline all the way to the ear and from there, down your neck. Don’t press too hard but rather find a pleasant balance of “just enough pressure”.

⭐️ If you want to stimulate your muscles, roll with a slightly upward motion, again — and always — working from the centre outwards (here, differently than for the lymph drainage, upwards).

If you’re using skincare products, apply them after the massage.

Where can you get it? Many “green” and niche cosmetics stores carry these rollers, the one in the picture for example was purchased at Wheadon Berlin. Just look for “spiked jade roller” or “acupressure jade roller”.

Spiked/ acupressure jade derma roller

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