Back To Work Mode: It’s Fashionable To Care

As we all transition into the back to work (or back to school) mode, why not give our new accessories a fashionable green twist? Here are some time-tested — and fabulous — favourites!

After the first BEAUTYCALYPSE fashion photo shoot last September — ethical fashion x Fall trends x five work days — in which my actual reusable items featured as props, we received many questions regarding tackling office meals and takeaway meals and lattes without contributing to the throw-away culture.

To quote the latest World Bank report on plastic waste, “[i]n 2016 alone, the world generated 242 million tonnes of plastic waste – equivalent to about 24 trillion 500-millimeter, 10-gram plastic bottles”, with “high-income countries combined […] generating over one-third (34%) of the world’s waste”.

My favourite “reusables” come in 2 categories. One is for bringing food and beverages, and one is for buying takeaway food. None of the products are sponsored.

Back To Work Mode: It’s Fashionable To Care

The SOUL BOTTLE is a heavy duty bottle, ethically made from durable glass. However, it’s my choice only for situations when I’m not supposed to carry it around for a long time — it’s simply too heavy even empty. When I’m going on a trip, or running across Berlin, I’d grab my Dopper bottle (plastic) or my Hydro Flask (stainless steel, spill-proof).

Sandwiches and bars find a great home in the U-KONSERVE sandwich box. It’s reasonably large, reasonably lightweight and closes well, although it’s not designed to be spill-free.

With the ECOFFEE reusable cup made from bamboo plastic with silicone sleeve and cap (and a smashing William Morris pattern in a rich emerald green), grabbing a latte on the go saves a throwaway cup every day. However I need to admit owning six of them. Three for each of us, and colour-matching different outfits. What? Don’t judge!

My cutlery headache was resolved when I found the BLACK+BLUM sets. Made from stainless steel, they come with a convenient case and look really nice, with no “hike” appeal. If you’re looking for bento boxes and cool lightweight water bottles, check out this brand!

I can’t recall the brand of my trusted reusable chopsticks (made of wood and steel, and in my possession for well over 15 years), but they are definitely a stylish and lightweight addition to my mobile cutlery set! Easy to clean, and way prettier than the throwaway bunch. And my stainless steel straws by ECO BROTBOX instil shame in the hearts of baristas who try to serve a hot latte with a plastic straw. Srsly guys? Plastic in a hot beverage?

Here are a few more other stylish and eco-friendly accessories for your back to school and back to work days. Enjoy!
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