Trusted Brands’ Beauty News in September: Colours Galore and More

Rich colours and rich textures: these are the best giveaway that the seasons change, more so than the weather (unreliable in 2018) or the calendar (28°C just don’t feel like Autumn). Discover now a few beautiful highlights that we feel will be a perfect match for the inevitable colder days.

Are you in the back to school — back to work mode? Or just about to start off into your September vacation?
Whatever it may be, we hope enjoy this month’s:

Trusted Brands’ Beauty News

Rahua Launch Legendary Amazon Oil

It seems Rahua won’t quit stunning us with yet another hero product launch anytime soon.

After the launch of the completely amazing and beyond-gorgeous (team repurchase!) Hydration range that you can meet in this 10 weeks in review, the philantropic brand launch a back-to-the-roots product, an oil serum designed to nourish your skin and soften your tresses. Perfect timing, now that we are all in back to work/ back to school mode, and our bleached summery beach waves ask for a break!


Legendary Amazon Oil is the name of the new kid. It’s a blend of organic flower, leaf and fruit oils (Calendula, Aloe, Coconut) with Rosemary, Rahua Oil, Morete Oil, Sacha Inchi Seed Oil and the aroma of Gardenia, retailing at €44 (47 ml bottle).

Watch this space for an interview with Rahua Amazon Beauty founder Fabian Lliguin and a detailed review of Legendary Amazon Oil!

UND GRETEL: High Fashion Lipstick
‘Love Berry’

A new autumnal colour for the beloved Tagarot lipstick has hit the shelves this September! We get a strong cocktail party vibes from this rich and vibrant “pink meets blackberry juice” colour.

As always, BDIH/ Cosmos certified for greater greenness and free from synthetic colourings. Tagarot lipsticks are super pigmented and have a dense texture that can be easily tapped into skin for that modern lip tint look or applied straight from the bullet and generously layered for a bold, opaque finish.

Photography: Und Gretel

HIRO: Kiss Kiss
Liquid Lip Paints

News from the Berlin-based green make-up brand Hiro (Amazingy’s own): the new vegan-friendly Liquid Lip Paints. Five brilliant colours deliver bold, semi-matte finish colurs: ‘Hue’ is a flattering pink, ‘Dip’ is a fiery orange red, ‘Render’ is a rich saturated neutral pink, ‘Nap’ is a pale coral and ‘Re-Coat’ is a statement red with blue undertones.

Photography: Hiro

Couleur Caramel: Versatile à la française
“Stay Gold” Autumn 2018 Look

Neutrals, warm pinks, precious metals — Coleur Caramel, a vegan beauty favourite, banks on the mysterious Oriental vibes for Autumn 2018.

The new look marks the launch of new colours for nail polish, lipstick, eye shadow palette, blush… and the launch of our favourites: the eye brow gels (available in 3 shades that double as eyeliners!) and the gold and silver shimmers. The latter are a fabulous addition to the make-up palette because they will always add the special oomph to your look: be it Halloween, Christmas, New Year or next year’s festivals. It’s definitely a better choice than any kind of “bio” glitter.

Photography: Couleur Caramel

Viv Réel Naturkosmetik, Germany

Viv Réel is an 100% organic skincare brand, founded in 2017 by chemist and product designer Andrea Frischmann in Stuttgart, Germany. Produced in small batches and with a clever modern twist on ancient skincare formulations (oils, balms and clays), the product range is pleasantly affordable and spans cleansing products, serums, body and hair oils — I fell in love with the Cleansing Dust (a clay-based product designed to remove makeup and to cleanse hair or skin), the Day At The Spa scented candle, and the Orange Oil scented wooden beads.

Photography: Viv Réel