The Summer Leaves, The Glow Remains — Tan-Prolonging Green Beauty Picks for All Skin Tones

Are you craving an endless summer? At least when it comes to that healthy-looking, lit-from-within radiance, I bet you are. Here’s a handful of green beauty favourites for Ladies and Gentlemen seeking to prolong their summer tan.

Beachy, glowy, radiant. When it comes to our collective complexion — the visible, shallow counterpart to deeper things like the collective consciousness — it seems nothing else matters.

I have three tips for you today, and two are man-friendly. Man stands here for “a person who doesn’t wear make-up” 😉

The Summer Leaves, The Glow Remains

A plethora of beauty and skincare products are designed and launched every year to please the consumer and to make our faces and bodies look as if lit from within. As if hit by the starlight. Warmed up by candle light. Touched by the sunset’s warmest rays. (Insert your own metaphor of desired kitchiness here.)

The point is, me too, I like my pale, greenish skin to look healthy. I am not a big tan proponent (pale IS beautiful!), so I don’t tan, but still some warmth does stick to my skin. The summer skin is more hydrated and has a warmer colour to it — and I like it. It matches my shiny hair. Now, how do you highlight your tan, however deep, and how to you keep it through Autumn days?


With Ringana FRESH After sun, we have a “green” melanin-stimulating cream. Applied following sun exposure, it helps enhance and preserve the tan. Enriched with anti-inflammatory ingredients, the light lotion soothes skin after a sunbath but works just as fine on its own as a very gentle self-tanner. It does impart a little glow, too.


Available in many options from untinted to deep, Prtty Peaushun is a staple in a green beauty arsenal for healthy and radiant-looking skin. Apply the untinted lotion to your exposed body parts and enjoy the hydrated, perfectly unisex glow.
Tinted, it can even help mask blemishes (summer leaves me personally bruised, so I love me the Prtty Peaushun in “Medium” when baring the legs).


Finally, for make-up purposes liquid highlighters are the way to go. I feel that bronzers may be too much on colder days. A subtle highlighter however, applied to the face areas where the light hits us, creates that glowy look that mimicks the sunlit radiance so well. For added warmth, dust some peachy, caramel-tinted blush over the apples of your cheeks and swish it from there to the sides of your nose.
I’m personally loving the brand new Dr. Hauschka highlighter from the Autumn 2018 Limited Edition — it’s subtle, blends exceptionally well, and smells of roses.

Bye-bye, Summer! 😉