“I’m Magically Attracted To All Things Ocean” – Nadin’s Green Beauty Favourites

Sundays are for checking out other people’s Green Quest progression — well, the fun, the beauty side of it. (We should probably soon extend this to wardrobes, huh?)

Welcome back to Green Beauty Faves!

Meet Nadin,
Triathlete, Yogini, Surfer Girl and eiswuerfelimschuh.de Blogger

The Green Favourites series pictures the personal choices of individuals all over the world. They all are on very different stages on their path to the perfect green beauty case; most of them (but not all) work in the beauty industry, and have not only a solid knowledge base but also high standards in regards of quality and performance.

Meet Nadin, Triathlete, Yogini, Surfer Girl and eiswuerfelimschuh.de Blogger

Our today’s guest comes from Berlin.
Meet Nadin Eule, marketing expert, semi-professional triathlete, yoga instructor, health nut and, given her insane work and travel agenda, in possession of a time-turner. Nadin’s sports blog Eiswürfel im Schuh is a staple on any sports-related top blog charts, and we’ve known each other for well over a decade. Now it’s your turn to meet the energetic blonde.


“Especially during summer season Santaverde Medium & Light Aloe Vera Cream is my go-to moisturizer — in the morning, before I apply make-up. My skin is stress-prone due to me attending sports events and to my atopic eczema. But even my sensitive skin is happy with this product. Most likely because of the anti-inflammatory, calming and balancing active ingredients. Depending on how my skin feels I use the medium or the light version. Both moisturize perfectly and I like the very subtle scent.

When looking for a more nourishing treatment product I use the Leahlani Skincare “Bless Beauty Balm“. Who can resist a warm Aloha?! The silk-like moisturizer is one of my latest discoveries. It dissolves into the skin with such a heavenly scent that I always take it with me as a lip treatment. I like how versatile it is. I am sure this will be a perfect travel-companion for long flights. It was a real surprise that you can use it as a cleansing balm, too. However it feels a bit too precious to use it as a daily cleanser. But occasionally while traveling this will be fine.

Since it’s free of water I will give it a try during outside training sessions in winter. I also hope it will protect my skin while swimming indoors. The chlorinated water dries out my skin quickly. It usually takes two days until it feels soft and moisturized again. Which is exactly the time when I have my next swim session!

Eco by Sonya Face Tan Water was a recommendation I received from you. Actually I discovered most products I use at the moment on your website. I wasn’t sure if a wateris something I was looking for a self-tanning product. It was very interesting to see it does its job very well. That’s why it is already my second bottle. You can apply it super quickly with a cotton pad, you don’t need to wait a long time until it dries completely and you see the result quite quickly. For the body I prefer a rich moisturizer though.

Three Warriors Gradual Tan is in-between a lotion and cream. It feels and smells like a „normal“ body lotion, moisturizes very well, is not sticky at all and no streaks were ever visible since the first use. It does not develop a strong tanning lotion smell you might notice with other lotions. The scent always reminds me of my grannie’s crumble cake but without being utterly sweet. The lotion builds the tan softly but noticeably.”

Nadin of EiswürfelImSchuh.de green beauty favourites

Ponyhütchen Bodysplash “a perfect matcha“ — well, I cannot resist a cup of good matcha. The green tea scent in combination with citrus, musk and macadamia oil adds a veil of moisturizing freshness to your body whenever needed. Especially during this year’s heat wave it’s been a wonderful after-shower treatment. I wish there would be an oil-free option too, just to spray over the body more often during the day.

I use a selection of deodorants. My favorite at the moment comes from a Berlin-based company called Fine. The Cream Deodorant with vetiver and geranium is a very lovely scent that works for a whole day of work during the summer heat and every sports session I enjoy afterwards. There is no second application necessary. It melts on the fingertips. The application is super easy and fast. The skin feels well treated and moisturized.

I feel magically attracted to products with ingredients from the sea, products with names inspired by the ocean life, and everything that has a scent of coconut and green tea. It’s not a surprise that the „Mermaid“ after sun spray from Lovely Day became one of my favorite products since I ordered it. Like the Leahlani Skincare “Bless Beauty Balm“ it is very versatile. I use it as an after sun spray for my whole upper body occasionally but also as a daily moisturizing mist in the morning and evening after cleansing my face. It works during the make-up application as an additional moisturizer, too. The scent is very soft, a bit like aloe vera juice. By the way, my hair likes it, too. Especially when the weather is very hot and my hair is dry and appears statically charges.

I love the Nailberry Nail Lacquer in “Storm“ because the dark blueish-grey-green color with the pearlescent finish reminds me of the darker waves of an ocean. Also the lacquer does not feel heavy on the nails and lasts longer than others. That’s why I already have a small selection of colors at home like a creamy black and a deep brownish burgundy.”


“I want to make lasting changes and these are not very easy to establish.

It’s so comfortable to go to a normal grocery store next corner and buy whatever you need without thinking about it. Usually that’s far away from being green. Somehow I ended up with ordering most of my products online. Which is a pity since I would love to support more local green beauty stores. I hope much more stores will start carrying a bigger selection of green beauty products soon.

So far I did not take my time to discover a lot of make-up products. I feel this needs a bit more time to find the right selection for my skin and for my needs, similar to choosing hair products. It was a long journey to get the right shampoo and conditioner. Since more than a year I am very happy with Rahua products.”

Nadin, Triathlete, Yogini, Surfer Girl and eiswuerfelimschuh.de Blogger


Well-being topics are one of my favorites, like your Mudras Round-Up post and How To Get Better Night’s Sleep. It’s a challenge to find the balance in life between what you have to do, what you would like to do and mindfulness. I find it’s very relaxing even just to read about it, and then to incorporate some tips into my life. Step by step.”

Wow, that’s quite a statement selection.
Thank you, Nadin! 


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