Organic Skincare For Men: End of Summer | recomMENdations #10

A few animal-friendly, planet-friendly skincare favourites for skin slightly stressed by all the outdoors life, Biergarten to biking and rafting to rave.

Organic Skincare for Men:
End of Summer 

By Mr. Beautycalypse

If there’s one word to describe last summer days then let it be laziness. Not as in: one of the deadly sins, more like in – it’s too hot to move, it’s too hot to eat proper lunches, it’s too hot to think about September. Is it too hot to think of skincare? Nah. Here are some favourite textures for languid days.

Organic Skincare for Men: End of Summer By Mr. Beautycalypse

1 Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser, Dr. Alkaitis
Available in three wallet and travel-friendly sizes, this liquid cleanser, infused with fresh herbal extracts, is used as liquid soap and leaves your face clean from the day’s sweat and dirt, while pleasantly albeit gently hydrated. Fortes: herbal scent, light texture, easy to use.
Available at

2 Activated Charcoal Coconut Oil & Bentonite Clay Whitening Toothpaste Peppermint, My Magic Mud 
IYou’ll find an in-depth review of this charcoal toothpaste here, but I want to mention it as well. I don’t use this toothpaste daily, but quite like it now and then to get rid of stubborn coffee and green tea stains. It works! Fortes: the packaging straight from a comic book, the sweet but worry-free peppermint flavour, no questionnable ingredients.
Available at and amazon

3 Peppermind Toothpaste, Dr. Bronner’s
One for the daily grind. Pun intended!
Not an easy task to find an organic toothpaste without Titanium Dioxide these days. Fortes: recyclable packaging, better-that-conventional product quality.
Available at

4 Rosemary & Nettle Shampoo, Golconda
Basically a soap bar for the scalp, this solid shampoo smells great and develops a serious foam. The packaging is completely Earth-friendly, too, and travel-friendly — nothing to be spilled. Fortes: versatile (shaving foam, soap…) and with a pleasant herbal scent.
Available at

5 Pure Refining Serum, Santaverde
The Pure line is a 2018 novelty, and a staple in the BEAUTYCALYPSE bathroom. Fortes: an ultra-light texture and the efficient formulation.
Available at and in many natural skincare shops, online and physical

6 Organic Moringa Seed Oil, Farfalla
Still in the old packaging (read here to learn more about Farfalla’s 2018 metamorphosis), this pure seed oil is said to strengthen the hair and to offer antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits. Fortes: pure & organic.

Here’s to some great last summer days, guys.

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P.S. The cover image is from the August Beauty News and shows a product by Creams of the Stone Age, a skincare brand rooted in the Paleo philosophy.


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