Trusted Brands’ Beauty News in August: New Products + Acquisition of Logocos

August – the last month of summery laissez-faire and farniente. Let’s thoroughly enjoy it (and don’t forget to stay hydrated while at that).

After a break in July (choosing to report about trusted brands only involves having to pause occasionally), the Trusted Brands’ Beauty News are back with:
– a few gorgeous new launches,
– one new trusted brand
– and the latest news about l’Oreal to purchase Logocos, German nature cosmetics pioneer .

Trusted Brands’ Beauty News

Berlin Fashion Week:
Sultry UND GRETEL Looks

The beauty looks of most of the shows during Berlin Fashion Week may be dominated by a global player, but some brands chose green to showcase their Spring-Summer 2019 collections. Berlin’s own, certified organic colour make-up brand Und Gretel have contributed to the stunning, fresh, modern looks for Odeeh and William Fan: rosy, glossy lids and “glass skin”; delicately groomed, natural-looking brows.

NB: How gorgeous are those bamboo hoop earrings at William Fan?!

Photography: Und Gretel

Hydration Shampoo + Conditioner

Rahua Amazon Beauty’s 10 year anniversary has brought about several reformulations and also a brand new product range.

With HYDRATION, the philantropic brand introduce not just a beautifully synergetic, efficient product duo – they also introduce a natural hair care line with a fragrance sure to shake the mass-market.

Although the company doesn’t highlight the scent that much, let me tell you that it’s no news to anyone in the industry that beauty shoppers smell on new beauty products. Natural scents are often perceived as heavy, oily, dusty and whatnot by people used to the synthetic herbal-floral-fruity range of scents. Well, here’s the deal: HYDRATION smells like ripe mango and maracuja. The smell is so delicious, we had a hard time believing they didn’t actually add anything. But no, the smell comes from the fruit extracts, nothing else.

At the event in Berlin hosted by and at Amazingy, Rahua Amazon Beauty founder Fabian Lliguin has shared his company’s story, how he came to discover the “rahua” nut for hair care, and answered all the pressing questions about oil molecule sizes and pH values.

Watch this place for an 8 weeks HYDRATION review!

The Clean Skin Masquerade

With 100 years of experience, Luvos Healing Earth is one of Germany’s oldest natural medical and cosmetics companies. With BDIH-certified skincare products based on glacial loess – a mineral powder consisting of silicate, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, copper and zinc – and without any synthetic additives, Luvos targets acneic and irritated skin.

Hitting the shelves late summer are the new masks to cleanse, revitalise and mattify the skin.

Photography: Luvos

Dr. Hauschka Limited Edition

If you’re a fan of colourful mascara (I sure am!), and a sucker for all things turquoise, then the new limited edition by Dr. Hauschka that has just arrived is sure to get your head spinning in the best meaning.

“Deep Infinity” includes four products: there’s the Eyeshadow Palette (pink, dusty pale blue, turquoise blue, midnight blue; €29), one universal shade of the Illuminating Fluid (€25), the Lip Crayon (€16) in one shade of deep rosewood, and the Volume Mascara in a striking turquoise (€20).I hope they’ll keep the colour in the range. Good quality flashy mascara is hard to come by in the “green” world.

Photography: Dr. Hauschka/ Wala


Since 2017:

And now it’s time to introduce the new trusted brand on the block. Creams Of The Stone Age is a brand launched by two pharmacists that is completely focussed on clean formulations. The minimal, Natrue-certified range consists of a hand lotion and a body lotion available in different sizes. The products are free from conflict ingredients, albeit not suitable for vegans due to the use of beeswax.

The Paleo trend may feel a little old by now, but it’s an interesting thought nevertheless to apply the stone age reasoning to making natural skincare – in a world where words like “organic” and “natural” have little meaning, the Paleo principle can be seen as standing for pure active ingredients with a minimum grade of processing.

Photography: Creams of the Stone Age


Green Is In:
L’Oreal To Buy Logocos

The wave of disgust was not exactly huge but still visible on social media as the news broke that skincare giant l’Oreal was to acquire German natural skincare pioneer Logocos. Logocos’ assets include popular beauty brands like Sante, Logona and Heliotrop as well as the private label company bci bio cosmetics.

Vegan beauties are appalled because of the animal testing that l’Oreal performs in order to sell in China; sustainable consumers don’t want to support a multinational they don’t feel aligns with any of their beliefs.

Sustainable products are in an interesting place right now: on one hand, the demand for them is growing as the awareness for the causes grows. On the other hand however, the business reality of developing, manufacturing and distributing a genuinely sustainable product is a particularly hard one. Put very plainly, most consumers want a great organic lipstick at the price of a cheap drugstore lipstick. Sustainable companies are bound to make hard decisions all the time in order to keep up with the industry, with consumer needs and wants, and with the sustainable philosophy of their core fans – aside from thriving as a business and many other things.

Interestingly, now is also the time when pioneer brands need to transition into the future. Some are in the favourable position of keeping it in the family (read how Farfalla manages generational change) or having found successors ready to do the job with as much idealistic fervour as the founders. Others need to work on sharpening their identity and juggling their brand communications on par with all the social-media-savvy new companies in order to survive the change and remain relevant. And some may decide that it’s time to become part of a multinational. All we can do now is watch the outcome and the consequences for the products.