Saying NO To Boring Basics: 3 Slow Fashion Outfits, 15 Styling Tips

I’ve talked about ditching what I call “boring” basics in order to create a minimalist, slow fashion wardrobe you are thrilled to wear any given day. Let me drive the point home once more with 3 outfits and 15 styling tips!

Say NO To Boring Basics:

3 Slow Fashion Outfits, 15 Styling Tips

So, you’ve seen a glimpse of my first outfit in my article in which I break down how to get 42 outfits out of 11 fashion items.
It’s a reversible swimsuit that I like to wear with a pair of summer trousers.

Styling tip #1: Know your colours.

For me, it works best to pair one neutral with either two shades of the same colour or with two bright hues. For summer outfits it means white or sand with blues (blue-greens) or reds (pinks).

Styling tip #2: Make your basic pair of sunglasses a statement pair of sunglasses.

Mine are not even a real pair of sunglasses – it’s the same style as my everyday prescription glasses, but I asked the optometrist to use dark and mirrored lenses that I chose. The bright blue-green mirror finish is a fun eye-catcher, but for me it’s just a pair of sunglasses. I don’t own any second pair on purpose. To avoid wearing a dull basic pair out of comfort.

Sustainable shopping made easier: I found a pair of similarly flashy sustainable shades that I link for you below!

Styling tip #3: only get clothes that feel super comfortable when you wear them. Nothing too small, too wide, too cropped, etc. You don’t want to be thinking all the time “Oh my, I hope my top doesn’t look awkward”. You want to be enjoying yourself. Or your company.

Styling tip #4: Get a summer scarf. Seriously. Get a fine, slightly transparent scarf in one of your favourite colours – it can serve so many purposes, both style-wise and simply in many practical ways (sun cover; belt; hat; fancy bag accessory).

Styling tip #5: Invest in a pair of light trousers with a wide leg and resist the urge to get them in black. Long skirts can be very comfy in summer, but not all of us love long skirts or like wearing them. Wear with appropriate aka “invisible” underwear. With heat waves growing stronger, dark colours during summer months are going to be the pest in the future.

Here’s my second summer outfit: all white. So grown-up, eh?

Styling tip #6: Put together at least one monochromatic outfit.

Truth be told, I LOVE wearing completely monochromatic outfits. It’s the simplest way to a truly stunning, polished look. And what works in black (can be boring, can be fabulous), works in white, in nude, in gold, in any given colour just fine! For a long time, my go-to autumn outfit has been a red knit dress, a pair of red tights, red boots and a red hat, and it really was a head-turning one. Funny enough, it felt very natural to wear because all the pieces were ultimately comfortable.

Styling tip #7: Basic, go-to shoes don’t need to be black, or brown – but they need to shine! And quite literally so.
Get them in a metallic tone that flatters your skin tone – silver, gold, copper, bronze. It instantly says SUMMER!

Styling tip #8: Mind the cuts of your basics and get a 360° view before buying. I like sleeveless tops for instance. But I don’t like them to make the armpits look weird, if you know what I mean. Always have at least a look from the side and from behind to make sure the garments are flattering.

Styling tip #9: Redefine the basic white top by tweaking the colour and by choosing a top with a design twist. 
Seriously, what’s the thing with that basic white tee or top? Any stylist will try and shove it down your throat! However, white doesn’t look good on everybody. For example, for me, it has to be slightly off white. Also, how cool does this top with a chiffon hoodie look? Basically a basic but also special. Gotta love that – and wear it, too.

I found a flared sleeves summer blouse at Hemp Age that I’ll link for you below. Just as gorgeous as a “special basic”.

Styling tip #10: Get a “goes everywhere” basic summer tote. Granted, a tote is too large for a cocktail reception or the opera, but other than that? Shopping, office, beach, garden party – a light colour tote with metallic details (to match your basic golden slippers of course) is a fabulous and practical accessory.

And here’s the third outfit: stripes on stripes.

Styling tip #11: For a summer basic wardrobe, get at least one piece with stripes. Stripes are screaming summer holiday like hardly any other garment and come in an endless variety of designs, colours and styles for you to choose from.

I found you two sustainable options, available as this article goes live, a maxi dress and a mini dress. Linked below!

Styling tip #12: Find a dressing rhyme that works for you and apply it to your choice of basics. Rhyme? Basically a pattern (here: stripes) or a colour (here: hot pink) that make a bunch of clothes an outfit.

Styling tip #13: Draw colour and texture inspiration for your basics from the season. There is something magical about wearing the colours of the season you’re in. It may not get Miranda Priestley’s sign of approval because it’s not original, but who cares, right? Right?

Styling tip #14: Allow yourself to have fun with your non-basic basics! After all, you’re creating a wardrobe for you to enjoy looking at and choosing from every day!

Styling tip #15: Take and save pictures of your summer basics or, better, of you wearing them for any further reference (aka shopping).

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Striped maxi dress: armedangels; ballerinas: Ethletic; summer blouse with flared sleeves:
Hemp Age; silver slippers: Tom’s; ultra-thin panty: Wolford; striped mini-dress: recolution;
sunglasses from wood: Stadtholz



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