“Glossy Red” Summer Party Make-Up Look To Try!

For a party or for a festival: pretty in red – a glossy, sheer eye make-up in a summery, pink infused red – is easier to pull off than you think. 

Summer Party Signature Beauty Look

Colour inspiration for makeup: blooming hibiscusGet colour inspiration for this look by observing your favourite – red – seasonal flowers: those who make your heart sing.
Cool, soft pink. Hot red-infused coral. Deep plum. Bright, silky red. Hibiscus, roses, lilies, red and pink dahlias, orchids.

This beauty look works best when you pair bright shades of red, pink or coral on your eye lids and cheeks with very neutral lips: the texture is matt and the colour leans towards nude. 

Red and hot pink eye make-up looks mostly will need some additional kind of “framing”: to avoid looking tired or sad.
I suggest using a liquid eyeliner and mascara in the same colour that’s rich but subtle, something that can naturally occur in flowers – something like dark purple, blue-black or dark brown.

Summer Party Signature Beauty Look "GLOSSY RED" by beautycalypse.com

“GLOSSY RED” Beauty Look:
How To

Sculpt your upper lid using neutral shades of beige and brown as a first step. To make the creamy colour more bright and lasting, you can “prime” the moving lids with powder blush in a hot pink. Next, apply your liquid eyeliner – it should be a thick, bold line.

Now it’s time to apply the glossy red.

Cream eye shadow doesn’t always come in bright red and pink, so it’s okay to resort to organic lipstick. Be aware that not all lip stains, lip tints or lipsticks can be worn on your eyes however. Especially if you’ve got sensitive eyes, it’s better to err on the side of dry textures: there are mineral pigments available in many breathtakingly gorgeous and bright shades of pink, coral and red. For the glossy effect, grab an organic eye gloss or a neutral eye balm, and you should be good to go.

For the matt lip, the best is to simply use a lip liner instead of lipstick. This is a rather kiss-proof trick; and drink-proof too.
The colour should be something rather subtle and close to the colour of your skin with just a touch of flattering pink.

"GLOSSY RED" Beauty Look: How To

Hiro No doubt foundation in ‘Daniels’
100% Pure Luminous Primer
Lily Lolo Eye shadow palette ‘Pure Indulgence’
PuroBio Eye Lip Pencil ’08’ (neutral pink)
Veg-Up Liquid Eye Pencil ‘Violet’
100% Pure Maracuja Oil Mascara ‘Blackberry’ (rich, brilliant, dark violet)
Photography: sdvh.studio

“Glossy Red” A Cute Summer Party Make-Up Look To Try! A Cute Summer Party Make-Up Look To Try – Bright Glossy Red Eye Make-Up


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