“I’d Love To See More Brick & Mortar Green Beauty Shops” – Caro’s Green Beauty Favourites

Sundays are for being invited into other people’s bathrooms and for discovering their fave green beauty products. After a brief, fashion week-induced break, we’re back on track serving you ethical excellence the stylish way!

Welcome back to Green Beauty Faves!

Meet Caroline,
Marketing Wizard at Santaverde

The green industry has the best people: committed, genuine, inspiring. The Green Favourites series pictures the personal choices of individuals all over the beauty world who are on very different stages on their path to the perfect green beauty bag; most of them (but not all) work in the beauty industry, and have not only a solid knowledge base but also high standards in regards of quality and performance.

Our today’s guest is Caroline Schliephake, marketing and pr manager at Santaverde in Hamburg, Germany.


Santaverde pure mattifying fluid:

The new Santaverde pure mattifying fluid is a product I was looking forward to, since it’s perfect for my blemish-prone combination skin. Even though it was lauched this very year, it’s become my Santaverde favourite very quickly; I don’t want to ever do without it again. Like all Santaverde products, it’s based on pure aloe vera juice. Actives like pansy extract, willow bark-derived salicylic acid and rosehip seed oil have sebum regulating and anti-inflammatory impact without drying out the skin. My skin is pampered, balanced, and the redness disappears at once.

Eco by Sonya Face Tan Water:

I was recommended to try this self-tanning water by a friend, and I am really impressed. The first face self-tanning lotion that’s not packaged in a rich cream but can be used on top, as an addition to a basic skincare routine. Ideal for my complexion. Usually, I apply a few drops in the evening using a cotton pad. You see the result the very next day – the skin is soft and evenly tanned with no risk of sunburn. The Face Tan Water is perfectly easy to dispense and thus quite economical.

Lily Lolo Mineral Concealer in ‘Caramel’

I’m a huge fan of mineral powder or mineral make-up. It can create a natural, even complexion with no mask-like effect and without clogging the pores. In addition most mineral powders offer some UV protection. To cover light under-eye darkness or any redness, I use the Lily Lolo Mineral Concealer in ‘Caramel’. It’s a little lighter than my mineral make-up and thus ideal to conceal darker areas.

Ilia Beauty Lipstick in ‘Perfect Day’

Normally I’m not the bright red lip kind of person. But I do enjoy a little pop of colour now and then. Ilia lipstick in ‘Perfect Day’ is my all-time favourite. A gentle swipe adds a touch of freshness to the lips, and it’s buildable for a night out. This favourite was a bit of a random shot, with the buying decision based solely on the reading of blog articles and clicking on pictures online. Unfortunately, there was no shop near me carrying this lipstick. I hope this changes soon.

Nailberry Oxygenated Nail Lacquer in ‘Pop my Berry’

I ordered this nail polish online as well, with no guarantees that the colour would meet my expectations. I decided to buy it based off several pictures and blog posts, and I wasn’t disappointed. The colour is a bright red with a touch of coral and hot pink, and matches my skin tone perfectly. The nail polish evens out the nail surface and is very long-lasting. I’m really happy about great quality with no remorse, for this lacquer is free from toxic ingredients, breathable, and vegan-friendly.”


“Even though I live in a major city, in Hamburg, in my opinion there are not enough brick-and-mortar shops carrying a vide selection of green make-up – such as Nailberry or Ilia. I discover many new brands through blogs and social media, and try to find them in Hamburg first. Oftentimes I’m not able to find them, and have to resort to online orders. Of course this is not ideal with make-up because you actually need to see the colours in person.”


“I’ve been eating plant-based for about a year and I love to get informed about healthy food from blogs, youtube videos and books. I really liked your article How To Get The Most Out Of Seasonal Produce, showing which fruit and vegetables are in season. I liked this idea, it allows for eating fresh and regional produce.”

Such a great selection.
Thank you, Caro! 


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